Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 1


8 August 2013

Week 4

Get ready;  for many sons are coming.  You are part of mystery. You are part of heaven. You are not an
earthly being. You are not a heavenly being. Heaven and earth will pass
away. You are a Word Being- a Son.

This is the standard of our conference.
Word created heaven and earth. Word
is the centre of heaven and earth. You are the place where heaven and
earth meet. You are Son. Light is the place where above and below meet.
Light is the Son the Word

You are about to locate your place in this universe! You are about to
fit as hand in glove to your destiny; the Light you are. If the sky and earth
are combined by sunshine then heavens and earth are brought together by
Sonshine. Wake up and be ready! Be shaken to position and let your price
tag increase. Do you know who you are? Creation is groaning for your
appearance. Both heaven and earth are groaning for your
appearance. Heaven yearns to come to you while you belittle yourself by
wishing to go to it.

Heaven is filled with angelic servants who are
prepared to serve you. You might be in a hurry to go to heaven and you
just like a house owner who wants to go to the back room where her
servant stays. Wake up and know who you are.
Heavens will be rolled like a tent in Hebrews 1 and so is the earth.
But Word will remain. Who said heavens are home to the Father? He created
Heaven and Earth and where was He then?

Father has a home He has prepared where He will dwell in future. That
home is called Son! You are the temple of the Holy Ghost the Home of the
Father! I am just shaking of those old wires in your mind and be renewed
as Son.
I am just setting the tone of this conference and know where your seat
is. This is the gathering of Sons and get ready to be Word Being. Take your
position and Son is who you are.


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