Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 10

24 August 2013

Week 6

Good morning saints. Well it’s a new day. Every new day is waiting for you to show up
I have started with my dream book again. This has made me to wonder whether you know what your calling is. As you access heavens you need to access them in the borders of your calling.

If you don’t you will get lost going to your own office. Imagine going to work and you get lost in the workplace until you knock off simply because you don’t know your office. It reminds me my first day when I reported for work in Johannesburg. I grew up in Sebokeng and I had to stay in Orlando because I found work in Johannesburg. Just being in Orlando was a lot of work for me already; let alone working in Johannesburg. I had to get lost going to work and get lost coming back home.

When you do not know your dream you are missing a great part of your office in the Heavens.

In the last chapters of Accessing Heavens I look forward to guiding you where your office is situated in heaven. When you know your office then you can walk boldly into your office. Enter boldly into the throne of grace.

I know of South African politicians who walked boldly into parliament without the slightest clue of what their duties were in those Ministerial positions. I also know where the boldness of some has landed them. We shall not enter heavens like those politicians. We have a manual in front of us. I have been assigned as GPS to your destiny and daily work in your heaven office. Well if you were to enter heavens with your physical body you would not see anything but just hear utterances and speeches. But when you are spirit these utterances and speeches are visible and you can enter them and dwell in them.

Your dream is therefore a cloud of utterances and speeches that daily hang over you. This cloud is heavy waiting to rain at any moment. But some of you carry an umbrella of bitterness and anger.

Some of you are already dwelling in speeches of lower heavens. When you walk in a thought that a certain sister is in love with you when she is not, you are dwelling in a wrong house brother! Everyone has speeches and utterances that he dwells in. You need to dwell in the right house. When I met my father I simply looked at where he dwells and I stayed there until I knew what I am all about.

I am creating your dwelling place with the speeches i give you right now.
 You may be poor right now but your dream is not poor. That is why you are in the covering of these speeches I provide because they are not poor. You may find yourself in a position that is like a prison to you. But you shall prosper in that prison and go out. Joseph prospered while he was in prison. It is called prosperity in undesirable places. He covered himself with the utterances of his dream. Your dream is your work space in the Higher Heavens. Now those who are in spirit do not only hear these speeches I give but they see them. When they say you are covered they mean that the teachings of your father are hanging over you as a tent. I have a dream that my sons will not only hear my speeches but will see them. I don’t know what your situation is but you can cover yourself with speeches that will be your hiding place.

You can give your son and daughter speeches that will protect them from that unfavourable temporary situation you facing. Seek ye first your father’s speeches and you seek your dream first. You will enter and exit this house stronger every day. I have built a house for my sons with speeches.

These speeches become a garment for you to wear and food for you to eat. For you were announced when you entered this earth. No one has entered this earth unannounced. Your dream will announce your coming to your city. Your dream will announce your coming in your workplace.
Just as the coming of Jesus was announced your coming was announced too.

There are speeches that walked before you long before you were born. Your parents did not stand in front of the prophet who carries your speeches. These speeches were waiting as angels waiting to serve you. These speeches were preparing to house you and clothe you. The prophets were waiting to release you in the atmosphere before you were even born. The womb that releases a son is a mouth, a tongue and a speech. Before Jesus was released physically from the womb of Mary He had to be released spiritually from the womb, the mouth of the prophet. Do not attempt to chase things that have not be spoken by your fathers the prophets. Jesus was so present for thousands of years because His speeches of prophecy filled the whole universe. You need to utter your matters and fill the atmosphere long before they show up.

The sons of glory are Sons of Utterances.
The sons of glory are Sons of Speeches.

Your dream is waiting for you to give voice to the speeches that are hanging over you.

The atmosphere is full of waves of utterances that are waiting fot a decoder and sons are the decoders of the speeches of heaven. To grow as son means to embrace speeches and see them as a dwelling place. Refuse the dwelling place that the lower heavens give to you. Refuse the dwelling place that your Satellite TV Cable is giving to you. Why are you so happy about the dstv package you have in your cable network when it brings speeches of lower heavens to your house. Satan has made a perfect plan to fill homes with speeches of lower heavens; look how addicted you have become to tv soapies.
Well for South Africans, if you are addicted to Generations those are the speeches that fill your life. If you are addicted to Scandal or Bold and the Beautiful those are your heavens. Lower heavens have made these speeches to be so attractive and their producers are idols. No wonder the people releasing these speeches to your home are given so many awards and so much money; it is designed to keep you away from your dream. I drill the Speeches and Utterances idea so that you see where we live.

Jeremiah cried in the book of lamentation seeing utterances that were to come.
If you were to decode the speeches concerning the city you stay in right now you would not find rest.
Stay under the cover of your father.


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