Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 14

30 August 2013

Week 7

Luke 2:40, “and the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.”

1. And the child grew.

Growing has to do with GOING UP! We have a problem today in church. We have a whole truckload of dwarfs who will not grow. Since we accepted Jesus we are dwindling in size.  We even have excuses calling it humility.  Our earth space is decreasing since we came over here! We are decreasing towards vanishing. That is why we are happy with the gospel of disappearing. Our names are forgotten. All they know is that one day we went to church and never came back. We made bad stuff while we were in the world. We are even believing that we are reaping the bad stuff we did. We are just not growing!!!

Only those who are fathered will grow. This growth is well explained here. It is not the increase of evil! It is not the increase of a disease! It is not the demon growing inside. Sometimes growing involves OUTGROWING. Now that you are fathered there are things you need to outgrow. Things that are holding you back. Servants don’t grow, they manage their position of comfort. Sometimes growing will involve you in a position where you begin HEARING. The rebellious do not grow for there is never new knowledge in front of them.

Romans 8:12, “therefore brethren we are debtors not to the flesh, to live after the flesh.”

We do not owe lower heavens anymore!!!! We need to outgrow lower heavens and all that they contain. People who do not grow are always looking up. Everything they see is above them and impossible! But people who are growing always see the problem from above. They look at the troubles below them. We might be looking at the same trouble but you might be looking at it from below. Somebody is looking at the same challenge but looking at it from above. Accessing Heavens Daily is therefore Growing Daily!!

You as a son have unstoppable growth!  There is no Herod that will stop your growth! Life in Egypt will not hinder your growth! No Pharaoh will hinder your growth. Some people here in the group have vowed to outgrow poverty!! I am tired of looking up every time I look for money. This time I want to look below my feet where money belongs. Servants look up to money and therefore will hoard it! Sons look below at money and therefore it is their culture to give it out like roses. We have embarked on the activation of Accessing Heavens and one area we have attacked is money.

Romans 8:13, “for if ye live after the flesh ye shall die but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of flesh ye shall live.”

For us to grow there are things we need to kill or else they will kill us! To stop growing is to start dying. Life in the Spirit is the daily access to our heavens office. You don’t need to change your face when you access your heavens office. You just need to be bold! Some things have to die because they keep you in the lower heavens. With the life of the flesh, the life of the servant you never grow. Those who grow, grow to inherit. You shall not inherit if you don’t want to grow. You shall not inherit wealth if you do not outgrow poverty. I need some people who are outgrowing poverty in the house. And the child grew… Not in poverty!

Roman 8:14, “for as many as are led by the Spirit they are the sons of God.”

The Spirit leads us out of the dwarf spirit of servants to the growth path. Sons of God are forever on the growth path! I feed you the daily bread because you are on the exponential growth path. Some of you I have only met two months ago but I have given you the food of 14 years if the soul was to consume it. Test your wings and fly today and you shall measure your growth path! You have been led by the Spirit to Daily Access Heavens and your fear makes you not fly. Some eagles are going to be pushed to the rocks to fly and begin looking at things from above. The eagle looks at its food from above and so are the sons. If you allow the Word to feed you this day you shall begin to look for your things flying above them.

1. And the child grew.

You shall grow in your ways of Accessing Heavens.

2. And waxed strong in spirit (Luke 2:40b)

You shall wax strong in spirit! As you Access Heavens Daily you wax strong in spirit. Your spirit becomes easily led by Spirit without you scaring the people in your office! You begin to access the heavens daily without announcing it to the world! Do you always announce to the world that today you were in your office at work? “Hey, people I just call to tell you that I did it again! I went to the office!” You shall wax strong in spirit. You shall go in and out of heaven without the OOOHS and the AAAAHS!

It shall be normal to look at this earth from above. THIS EARTH WAS CREATED FOR SONS TO LOOK AT IT FROM ABOVE! 


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