Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 15

6 September 2013

Week 8

I want you to open psalms 150:1 and 2. Psalm 150:1-2 (NKJ), “1 Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. 2 Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.” Praise ye The Lord! It does not say Praise ye The Father. When it comes to Praise you take it to The Lord. So this is our assignment today: TO PRAISE.

Now when you call a meeting you need to have the WHERE. The first thing addressed about this meeting is the VENUE.

a. In His Sanctuary.

If you will not be in this venue DO NOT PRAISE. Praising is only done IN HIS SANCTUARY. Sanctuary is the place of sanctity. It is a place of total separation. This venue is completely disconnected to the lower heaven. When you come to this venue you need to be sanctified as well. The sanctuary is only for the sanctified.

The sanctified are the separated for a specific service. When you want to praise it is very important to understand the venue. I sense that some of you have mixed heavens where they stand. They have worries and fears. Well with these in your soul it means you are not in this venue yet and therefore you can’t attend the meeting of praise. Tonight I want you to purpose yourself to attend this kind of meeting in your spiritual walk from time to time. You can’t desire to access heavens daily if you are not ready to arrive in His Sanctuary. When you are here you say: My Soul Be Still! Command peace and stillness all around you.

I need you to do this even as I teach this to you right now. Your soul is the angel that flies between the heaven and the earth. Your soul is invited to the place of sanctity. Your spirit is already there but “set (fly) your mind (soul) on things that are above. I want you to free yourself tonight from all the junk in your soul. You see Satan does not care how much you praise as long as you are not in His Sanctuary! There are many who try to praise Him from a wrong venue in the lower heavens. When you do that you commit charismatic witchcraft. This is a Holy God.

Do not even think of praising Him if you are not going to do it in His Sanctuary. As I speak some of you are beginning to approach His Sanctuary! What is it that takes you away from His Sanctuary? Let your soul change direction right now! Repent and fly to a new direction! Come to His Sanctuary leave anger and worry right now! When you arrive in His Sanctuary you will never keep quiet! This is the place where your mouth will just open and you will shout Holy! Holy! Holy! The essence of praise is to declare His Sanctity! Declaring His Purity! Declaring that He is Set Apart.

When you enter the Sanctuary Worry Falls Away! I want some of you to take a journey to His Sanctuary right now! When you are here you are sanctified! All agendas come to nil only one focus is here! Do you have a lot of clutter in your mind right now? Access Higher Heavens and release yourself from lower heavens! Worry belongs to lower heavens. You got to move right now! Many people want to praise but they do not know the venue! IN HIS SANCTUARY! In His separateness and separate place. In His Sanctity and Sanctuary.

Be ye sanctified this day and be free of all utterances of lower heavens. Rid yourself of all speeches of low life and assume your original place. Lower heavens say: I am broke! Lower heavens say: today is my deadline! Lower heavens say: it is beyond repair! Lower heavens say: I am beyond marriage mark. Lower heavens say: I am not a marriage type. Lower heavens say: I am of sinful lips and I stay among sinners. Lower heavens say: this community of ours will never come right. Daily you hear of shootings. You hear of rapes. You hear of robberies. You hear of hopelessness. You run to the police station because of fighting and divorcing family friends. So much you hear!!! You can’t enter the sanctuary with this junk. Right now turn around!

Plead the blood of Jesus to cover you from this junk!!! Go take the blanket of Grace! Cover yourself with shouts of Grace! Grace will carry you to His Sanctuary!! You can’t carry yourself to the Sanctuary. It is difficult to dust off this junk thinking in your mind. Some have horrific pornographic pictures they saw since they were young and they can’t remove them!! Grace will hide you from that stuff. There is some serious hurt that was designed for you never to arrive to His Sanctuary! I release you this day in the Name of Jesus! Shoot off the lower heavens and arrive to the venue of praise. IN HIS SANCTUARY!!


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