Accessing Heavens and Earth-Love Boldness: Session 16

13 September 2013

Week 9

Sonship is the Total Kingdom Lifestyle Package. I want you to tell all others what we are all about. I am stripping you off the traditional church lifestyle and giving you the real Kingdom stuff. Not sure whether it is sweet-salty or spicy. But you will tell.

Now the Kingdom Lifestyle Package is a Love Package. Few people have met the Father God’s Love. Very very very few. Sonship is the only container that has the capacity to contain Father God’s love. Very few people have seen God’s Love. They have met Jesus. They have met the Holy Ghost. They have not met the Father. If you are not a Son you can’t meet the Father. Servants can meet the Son. Servants can meet the Holy Ghost. Only Sons Meet the Father. For as long as you are not able to keep Love you are not ready to meet the Father. For as long as you are not able to Love as Jesus did you are not ready to meet the Father.

Jesus has come down. The Holy Ghost has come down. Now, Love, Himself is coming….. He left Adam in Eden. He told the Son to come down to bring together the bones. He told the Holy Ghost to come down to put the breath in the body. Now the Father wants to come down to meet the New Adam. Not the naked Adam. Not the ashamed Adam. But Adam was clothed with the Word of Glory.

Fathers are come to prepare you to meet The Father! This is the Father Season. The Holy Ghost season was the anointing season. The Father season is the Glory season. Why does He want to come? Father is coming back to return the Name of the Son. He just wants to tell the world that: THIS IS MY SON. HEAR HIM!!!!!! Son shall return to that community. Your Name which is Son shall return to your people. Just as the Son of David returned to Jerusalem. They will sing Hosanna. Yes, your community will lay down a red carpet. You shall enter a triumphant entrance in your Jerusalem. They shall hear your voice.

Only the BOLD shall sit on the Throne. Only the BOLD shall be heard. Only the Father will make you BOLD. When you feel the Father by your side you shall be BOLD. You are BOLD when He tells them to hear you. We are BOLD so as to be HEARD. It’s the Father season. We have not been given the spirit of fear. But of Power (BOLDNESS), Love and Sound Mind. There comes that LOVE story again.

Only the BOLD can LOVE. 


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