Summary of Accessing Heavens and Earth Conference



I am ready today to continue with chapter 18 of our conference called Accessing Heavens.

I believe all who will be reading this page have gone through the whole book.

The language of this book has been prepared from chapter 1.

You will notice certain words and a new vocabulary that stands out.

The book from chapter 1 until chapter 12 has put emphasis on the main picture of how heavens look like.

From there to chapter 17 we have shown the application on how to access heavens.

We will however make revision once again as this is the Part Two of the conference.

We acknowledge the fact that many might have forgotten some of the principles stated from the beginning.

The issue of Heavens is very much connected to the story of Canaan.

It is more about what we eat and what we wear as stated in Matthew 6:25.

Adam and Eve lost contact with heaven when they concerned themselves of what they eat and what they wear.

To them until that time they were not aware that heaven was both food and clothing to them.

Therefore our brain has been wired around two main questions: What shall we eat and what shall we wear.

Jesus teaches about this in Matthew 6 from verse 25 and onwards.

From the king James bible there is an interesting phrase used: “take not a thought!”.

You will find this from verse 25 to verse 31.

Then when you arrive in verse 33 it says “But seek ye first!”

Which when you follow the discussion it means “But take FIRST THIS THOUGHT!

Taking a thought is a conscious meditation.

You pick thoughts in the same way as you do shopping.

Taking a thought is a great activity.

When you have taken a thought there is a huge machinery that shifts in the spiritual realm and even bounce to manifest in the physical realm.

Most of the sicknesses we have are a direct result of the thoughts that we went shopping.

Most of the poverty that lies all over Africa is a result of thoughts that we consciously and unconsciously take as a nation.

We inherit these thought patterns in our culture and our media.

One thing we should know today is that TO TAKE A THOUGHT is to allow THE SOUL TO FLY TO A DESTINATION!

God says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts. Which means “I know My Angels”.

Thoughts of Peace! That’s Angel of Peace.

Thoughts to Prosper you! That’s a thought of prosperity.

Thoughts are Angels!

I know my thoughts! I know my Angels.

When God releases a thought of healing through His mouth “He sends a Word and heal them”

Sending a word is sending a thought and is sending an angel.

Take not a thought!

Do not send this angel!

Angel of Worry! What shall I eat and what shall I wear.

Now for those who have gone through this book you know that you can only send an angel when you have arrived in the heavens where that angel dwells.

The angel of worry dwells in the lower heavens.

As you SET YOUR MIND on worry in lower heavens; with your soul you fly to lower heavens.

When you arrive there you send the angels of lower heavens.

Lower heavens are the dwelling place of satan and his angels.

This is where he was kicked out to.

We therefore know that our soul has close connection with these heavens.

The soul made these heavens their home when they chose to follow satan.

We have taught in sonship about the eye of the soul that opened and followed satan to his world.

It is important to revise that teaching and a hyperlink is provided to those who will be reading this in the blog.

But seek ye the Kingdom!

Take FIRST the Thought of The Kingdom!

Send First the Angels of Higher Heavens!

Wake up in Heaven everyday!

Think from your home where your spirit permanently dwells on the right hand side of the Father!

Think from the Mount Zion!

Look at all things from above!

Take a thought! Take an Angel!

Only the Spirit can Send the Angel!

Our spirit is on the right hand side but remains inactive until our thought our soul its angel responds!

What if all angels were not responding when God sends a word or instruction?

That’s the condition of your spirit when your mind(angel/soul) is not set(fly) on the things above.

This terminology will not make sense when you don’t understand.

Man has spirit, soul and body.

Spirit is the son in me and soul is the angel of the son in me.

This means I am created like the heavens protocol where the Spirit dwells and sending angels who serve.

The soul was designed to serve the spirit just as the Son in heaven is served by angels.


If your thought chooses worry or poverty the angel of peace and prosperity will not serve you.

Seek ye first Heaven!

Access first Heaven and the Earth will remain under your Dominion.


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