Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 2

9 August 2013

Week 4

We give God the glory. We thank God for this agenda in these days.

 We shall not do church as usual. We will give up some things to gain others.

 Church structures as they stand will not be our language any more.

We are transitioning from institutional churches to family. We are moving from physical maps to spiritual maps. We are forsaking capitalistic ideas of managing institutional churches to father spirit of embracing family.

Our organizational charts will no longer be able to hold the coming structure.

Our own strategic planning for church will be our downfall. Heaven has to be redefined. Especially the corner in heaven you are hoping to occupy one day.

It is a sad thing to plan your room in someone’s house. Have you ever had a visit from your brother in law from a long distance home? He comes to your house having planned his room when there is no room at all.

 In the eight hour journey he is even planning where his suitcase will be and where his hat will stay. To make matters even worse he has planned where his two goats will stay.

He has no idea that you are at the tenth floor in a bachelor’s flat. You can’t even map heavens.

You can’t view them with an earthly mind. This is how we view heavens. But some of us think heavens are equal to South of New Zealand. But some of us think heavens are equal to South of New Zealand.

Our distorted view of heavens have messed with our very mission on earth. Well we need to say something about heavens. God is neither a heavenly or earthly being for he made heavens and earth.

 Angels are heavenly beings. The animals are earthly beings. Now man might have been assigned to come and rule the earth but that does not make him an earthly being.

 Jesus came to this earth from “the other dimension of heavens” but that does not make Him an earthly being.

 Ephesians 4:10

He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)


Does that settle the debate? So which place of heavens are you planning to occupy?

Do not hear me wrong; heavens do have a place that keeps those who have departed. It is a different dimension than the one angels occupy.

That part of heavens is called Paradise. It’s just a hotel that they go to in order to wait for the Father’s agenda to be wrapped up. We also have a dimension in heavens that keeps the unborn yet living in God. They are unborn to this world but not to heavens.

Our agenda about heavens is so twisted that we twist every spiritual agenda the Father has for us.

We will go very slow on this subject so that all junk shall be detoxed in our system.

 My goal is to prove to you that you are neither a heavenly or earthly being; but a Word Being that has equal daily access to both heaven and earth.

Only Son knows how to access heavens and earth daily and equally in order to bring his or her dream to full use here on earth. Our dreams are limited by our inability to bring to full use the access to heaven and earth on equal measures.

Now your staying on this earth is no guarantee that you have access to the earth.

It is possible to be a very powerful lion staying on earth but have no access to the earth.


Satan keeps a lot of slaves in a cage here on earth and therefore their earthly access is limited. Do not boast therefore that you are on earth when you do not have access to earth as God has designed.

Jesus the Son came and said “Whom the Son set free is free indeed.”

John 8:36

My goal for this conference is to teach you how to access heavens so as to free yourself from earthly cages in order to gain full earthly access. It will not help to wish to disappear on earth after failing to rule the earth and wish to go to heaven permanently.

This was session two of the 4th Weekly Conference on the Gathering of Sons.


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