Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 6

16 August2013

Week 5

We now know that heavens are to be accessed on daily basis. Heavens are created and this means God did originally not stay in them.

The previous session reveal to us that heavens are made through speeches and utterances.

We now know that for us to access heavens we need to access the speeches that utter day unto day as well as knowledge that heavens reveal night after night.  These utterances form a Tent for the Father as well as a Gourmet. Now therefore Heavens are our Tent and Gourmet. Through speeches that become our Daily Bread we wear the Gourmet of Heavens. Every day we receive the Gourmet that was given to Adam by the Father.

We now know that the Father came daily to clothe Adam with the Gourmet of Heaven’s Glory. In this way Adam was not naked. We have also heard that Heavens Declare His Glory while the Earth lifts up His Name. Therefore Heaven’s major assignment is to declare the Glory of the Father and not to wait for your death. We need to work with Heavens in declaring the Glory of the Father.

Sons therefore manifest in this earth to declare the Father’s Glory. Heavens declare the Glory and Sons declare the Glory. Heavens and Sons are in partnership in declaring the Glory.

Jesus says “If you ask anything in my Name (Son) the Father will do it for you.” Herein is My Father Glorified by asking Him things in My Name (Son). The Glory of the Father is carried by the Son to the Earth.

The Glory of the Father is the face of the Father. Heavens therefore work with Sons to carry the Glory (face) of the Father to the Earth. This job happens day after day and night after night.

When people see the Son they must shout Glory! Glory! Your lifestyle must make the Earth to shout Glory! Glory! Your family must shout Glory! Glory! Your work place because of you must shout Glory! Glory! The sounds of Glory! Glory! Have to increase because of your presence.

Servants are yearning for the Anointing but Sons bring the Glory! Anointing is just the river but Glory is the source! Servants are working from the bottom of the river and sons are at the upside at the source of the river. The downside of the river has contaminated water but the source has clean water.

Sons come with undiluted glory when servants carry used and diluted anointing. People will see the anointing but they will see a flawed character as well. Sons carry the glory because they have been circumcised to channel clean anointing. Servants will channel anointing through church business and Son will bring glory through sonship and family.

Through the Daily Bread we walk the length and breadth of Heaven we are filled with Daily Bread from the Father and we take it to the earth. In this way we bring glory to the Earth.

Heavens are not waiting for your death to accommodate you, they want you alive here on earth and work with them to bring Glory to creation.

The earth is waiting for the Manifestation of Sons and not the Disappearance and quick rapture to heaven. Heavens are not desiring to rapture you so as to disappear on this earth they want you to Manifest and bring Glory to creation. How shall you Manifest if you are not prepared to become Son? How shall you Manifest if you don’t want to bring the Father’s Glory?  We are soooo full of self!!!

We so much want to be Giants of Faith! Not because we want the Father to be known but the orphan in us wants to be seen!!! Glory comes with Giants of Obedience but Anointing comes with Giants of Faith. Giants of Obedience learn from the Father but Giants of Faith learns from the University of Hard Knocks.

We bring down the Glory when we are Giants of Obedience. We access heavens daily as Giants of Obedience. Giants of Faith see heaven when they die.

The Son has come to bring the Glory and Heavens have come to bring the Glory! Son is the place where Heavens and Earth meet daily. Heavens and Earth meet in the house of Obedience for Heavens are filled with Obedience. Sons are The Will of the Father on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Sons have come on Earth to ensure and enforce the Father’s Will as it is in Heaven.  The father’s Will for the Earth is His Glory.

The Father desires the Earth to be Equilibrium with Heavens and He does that through the Sons.

Your desire to be ruptured quickly is not accomplishing balance between heaven and earth. We therefore qualify to have equal access to both heavens and earth daily.

Let Sons Manifest and Bring the Glory to the Earth.


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