Christian Nation and Capitalism Part 2

Good afternoon.
Our last three chapters dealt with three characters for a study.
We brought into the picture what we coined Holy Moses and we said God was looking for a Holy Nation that will enter the Holy Land and not the Holy Moses.
Therefore the assignment of Moses was to bring the Slave people into a Holy Nation consciousness.
Some could argue and say Moses failed in his ministry because he was sent to take people to Canaan Land.
I want to argue that thinking and say to you that Moses achieved his calling.
His calling was to build a Nation out of slaves.
The first thing in building a Nation is to write a Constitution of that Nation.
Moses did this and he did it well. He used his Scribal Grace to bring an identity to a slave people and give a Holy Nation Identity.
For no one would be allowed to enter Canaan with an incomplete National Identity.
For if your Identity is Incomplete so is your Destiny.
Therefore Moses gave them Identity of a Holy Nation in the form of a Constitution or Law.
This assignment of Moses is vital for it is still needed today.
Most people regard Moses ministry as 1. Taking them out of Egypt and 2. Taking them to Canaan.
This is a very limited way of approaching the call of Moses.
Even before Moses began to deal with the children of Jacob who turned slaves; there was a way that God thought about them as a people. This we see it in the scripture below:
And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord , Israel is my son, even my firstborn: And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn.
Exodus 4:22‭-‬23 KJV
The message here is that “Israel is My Son!” Not Moses is my Son.
Now this is the message to all those who are called by God.
Even though to everybody’s eyes the Children of Jacob were Slaves God saw them as a complete Son already. The First Born the Holy Nation.
We are called to go and bring back the Son and not the Slave.
As the Holy Nation we are called to reach out to Sons.
We are not called to go and convince them that they are Slaves or Servants and we as the called are Sons.
God is looking for His Sons even if Satan has kept them as Slaves.
Today there are preachers who have turned church into their slave and treat preacher as son.
They proclaim boldly to say “I am your last hope!”
They go further to say :”If it was not for me you would be dead!”
No Holy Nation ambassador can say that!
It is impossible to be a Holy Nation Ambassador and behave that way.
In the Holy Nation we don’t have Capitalism we have Sonship.
Capitalism understand people as classes that are unequal which are to be rewarded and treated in that manner.
For people to see others in this manner they can’t do this in a Holy Nation.
That is why they designed a new nation called Christian Nation.
Christian Nation has been the biggest vehicle of Capitalism in the whole world.
In its capitalist dealings it condoned discrimination.
In its dealings they saw themselves as civilized who are coming to help the uncivilized world.
When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.
Hosea 11:1 KJV
The Holy Nation principles call Israel a Son even when he looked like a servant and slave in our own eyes.
Moses as a founding father of the Holy Nation was not allowed to say: I Moses came as civilized son and you were uncivilized slaves when I saved you.
But the Christian Nation has written in their books that they came to Africa and found uncivilized heathen and gave them civilization through Christianity.
Well they belonged to a Christian Nation that was a driver of Capitalism and not to Holy Nation that was a driver of Sonship.
Then they designed a story of a Holy Moses and slaves of Israel.
They never told us about The Holy Nation.
The Christian Nation brought a Capitalist culture in all the dealings of the “church”.
They took people in other countries and enslaved them and packed them in ships like sardines.
All the while they took that as a Holy calling to “save” the Slave out of Africa and other places.
This is why they are called a Christian Nation. They were ambassadors of Capitalism and Slavery.
Today I see the African churches who still carry those scars. They design their Holy Moses who comes to help the unholy people.
We have missed the Sonship System which is the Identity; the Economy and the Culture of the Holy Nation.
This they do because they are trapped in the Christian Nation.
They still exploit others and demand that their names be invoked in prayers.
They have branded themselves as though God Himself is paying tithe to them.
When you look at the oppression in their countries you understand why they perceive a calling as Masters who are coming to save slaves.
In this instalment I am reminded to tell you that Moses was sent to God’s Sons who looked like slaves in our eyes.
The King is sending you to go and find His Sons and Crown them. He is not sending you to go and enslave his sons to crown you.

That was the message to Moses and may it remain the message to you.

Peace be unto you

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