Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 8

 18 August 2013

Week 5:

We have learned about Lower Heavens and Higher Heavens. We noticed that we spend more time in Lower Heavens which are the Heavens of Rulers and Principalities. These Heavens are a place of bondage for the saints who have to pass to Higher Heavens. The angel shares with Daniel how he was held for 21 days in these Heavens.

Poverty to Christians is caused by these heavens. We fail to Access Higher Heavens and thereby fail to Access the Earth. We get attracted to the lower heavens where music idols and politicians operate from. Heavens always bring influence to the earth. Anyone who want to influence the earth has to access heavens. If you are a musician you have to access lower heavens and serve them well then you will have influence. Each heavens has its own angels that will assist you in what you access in that dimension of heavens. The lower heavens are filled with demons ready to assist you to gain influence on earth.

Heavens are speeches and utterances we heard the other day. Heavens declare the glory of God(god) through these speeches and utterances. The lower heavens declare their god as well through these speeches. Have you ever noticed that a movie with a lot of F words is always a best seller? Have you ever noticed that music with a lot of swear words or rap is a best seller? The reason is that this movie or song brings these evil utterances bringing glory to this lower god. As the glory of this lower god fills the earth the carrier of this glory shall be exalted.

Well it works the same way with sons; we bring the glory of our Father and we are lifted together with the Son. Now some churches when they want influence they use the words of the lower heavens but not swear words. There are churches with great influence today who use these politically correct words and they get rewarded for them. There are speeches that are not evil at face value that are used by well known presenters and preachers have adopted them. These speeches look good but they have come to tone down the Higher Heaven speeches and utterances. These speeches have come with a very romantic way of presenting the gospel which brings in some universal spirituality within them. This is the “righteousness” of lower heavens coming to block the Righteousness of higher heavens.

This is the “peace” of lower heavens preached from the UN and other famous places that has come to block the Peace of our Kingdom. Before the Father these utterances are as abominable as swear words. We see many present day preachers using these speeches to influence the earth. Now you have to be very careful because these heavens wage serious warfare and they are very attractive. When we want to pull crowds we call some celebrities from these heavens and we say to our churches they are “saved”.

Sons have to bring glory down here saints! You know when we bring these people whose glory they bring! Now there is no problem in reaching out to these people operating from these heavens as long as you reach them standing in higher heavens. There are many of these people who have been deployed in our churches to block us from reaching our Higher Heavens. There are many Gospel singers who operate at these lower heavens and we use them to attract crowds to church. There are many successful people who are planted in our church who operate from the Lower Heavens. I know of university professors operating at these heavens to bring education to us and they are in our churches. We have plenty academics in our churches that operate from these heavens and we hire them to run some workshops and seminars in our churches. Most of them have begun to tell us that they have gone there to “take those mountains” when they actually mean that they are nominated to dwell in these heavens as well.

Now we have a mountain which is called Zion. The mountain of glory. When you are in this mountain you will swallow all the other mountains. The Kingdom message has come in the right time for us to have dominion but we need to have dominion having passed the lower heaven. While the dominion message is correct to preach it is wrong to bring that dominion dwelling in the Lower Heavens. Some dominion messages have covenanted with Lower Heavens to achieve the success. Jesus was also invited to these Lower Heavens one day. The ruler of these heavens said “If you worship me I will give you all these things” Now I don’t know what are devil worshipers to you but I came to tell you that they occupy the Lower Heavens. In some ways most of us are still trapped in these heavens because we want to prosper. May the Lord Deliver us from these heavens.

As we have Daily Access in our Heavens we shall exit the Lower Heavens. At times it comes with a price to pay. Sometimes it comes as a temporary downfall but you shall rise again. The lower heavens are filled with two things: What shall we eat and what shall we wear. If this is what fills your mind you will get stuck in these Heavens. You will get plenty of what to eat and what to wear in these heavens. There are many designer labels that are released from these heavens. They are a mark to say you received what you eat and what you wear from these heavens. We shall treat this topic next time.

We need to expose these heavens if we want to access our heavens daily. We need to exit these heavens no matter how attractive they look. These heavens carry influence but greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world (Lower Heavens).


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