a day in the life of a scribe

A day in the life of a Prophetic Scribe

I wish I could share about a day in the life of a scribe in ancient Egypt or in ancient Mesopotamia, but I would like to share about a day in the life of a prophetic scribe in the 21st century.

This I do in the hope that the Army of Scribes will rise above the present day battles against their mission all over the world. We write things which are time related. They are assignments which have to be finished during a certain time for we are the witnesses of the true unfolding history of the workings of God with man which have to be recorded for the coming generations.

We cannot postpone our assignment for the message we need to record has to be authentic and come with precision and accuracy. In these messages nations are born; movements and revolutions and even uprisings become a response to the coming generations. The Evangelicals an Protestantism are born from an army of Scribes that was born 500 years ago and their message is as strong as it was when it was written.

Communism and capitalism are products of Scribal work of various thought leaders and to this day their work is obeyed religiously by it’s followers.

My point is that none of these movements were going to be delayed and many Scribes have paid with their lives for every record of doctrine they held. They have always been rushing against time. Most of them have been jailed and martyred and they lived short lives having finishes their writings.

We therefore live up to the day our messages have been fully written. Some of us are both Scribes and Messengers but to some only Scribal work is given and Messengers are appointed to run with their work. For us to be more effective we spend our times writing and others run with the message.

There was a time when Paul was a Messenger of the Scribal work of Moses and other Prophets but there came a time when God had to keep him in prison for a given time just to write as much as he could so that other messengers can run with the message. The Scribal work which Paul internalized was that of Moses an Isaiah up to the time when he was assigned to extend this work and write further.

The survival of nations depended on the willingness of Scribes to record the history the culture and religious laws of the nation. We have been appointed today as Scribes of the Holy Nation. For some time we have bean trapped under the Scribal work of the Christian Nation and that of Denomi-Nations. We have also been trapped under the Scribal work of Super Nations and Empires.

For any group of peoples to be redeemed from slavery and exiled position they needed a Scribe of the Order of Moses and the Order of Ezra to assist them on Psychological Migration from their chains and their paradigm where they are pinned.

We have been raised in this time as Prophetic Scribes to some in the Order of Moses in order to free them from propaganda of enslaving superpowers. We have been raised to some in the Scribal order of Isaiah to wake them up from comfort zones and proclaim the impending disaster and demise to the nations. To some we have been raised according to the Order of Ezra to give retrofit to the exiled minds that have become bonded to the foreign doctrines and thus incapable of rebuilding their own nations.

All these Scribal Orders are intertwined today to prepare us for the Scribal Order of the 21st Century.

Our messages come in books they come in movies and they come in songs. They are hidden in poetry and dances. They are in pictures and artistic drawings they are in culture in food and fashion. These are all Scribes in the 21st century.

My Scribal work is in writings not much on skill and composition but listening and writing as I hear. The ski’ll of conveying what I hear is continuing to develop in blogging in social media but I do not write what I think I write what I hear. This is called a Prophetic Scribe.

I have written an article: Sojourning the chronicles of our lives. this is a metaphoric article about lives lived as springs vs lives lived as rivers. I argue here that though rivers have names and are bigger they are fed by nameless hidden springs. This is the essence of the life of a Scribe.

I have also written an article : kneel in prayer rise in paper; Habakkuk shows how scribes wait in prayer. This also reveal that Prophetic Scribes do not write what they “think” but they write what they hear. After writing these thoughts they also become audience to hear what God is saying to them.

As a Scribe I have learned much early in my ministry that I should never allow thoughts to go out of my mind or words to go out of my mouth unrecorded. I know pretty well that these thoughts are not mine but I am just a conduit of thoughts from the Eternal Spring of Life. I also know that I do not wait for invitations to preach in order to convey these thoughts. I do not manipulate when they should reach an audience; neither do I package them to fit the pocket of my audience. It is God’s audience. I know this because others will read these things 500 years later.  When I say I am a Prophetic Scribe I mean; I am just a Mail Man taking God’s thoughts to God’s Audience.

If I want to own the audience the spring dries up. If I want to own the thoughts; the spring dries up.

I have tried to paint A day in the life of a Prophetic Scribe. There is much more to share, I just hope this will be the beginning and some activation to the Army of Scribes out there.

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