A new season upon us

I remember when the Pentecostal season came upon us, there were faithful and honorable men of God flowing in a season before that. God honored their service in overstayng the old season, but it was a new season. When the Charismatic season was upon us, we had very successful anointed people who chose to keep their success by staying in the season that seemed to work for them. God continued to honor His Word in their lives but that was not a certificate to remain in that season. We have seen this trend in the Prophetic and the Apostolic season.

We love our fathers who chose to remain in the successes of the past season, we do not desire to criticize their choice to bask in the successes of the old season. We respect how they use the vocabulary of the old season in trying to define what they see in this new season. This is the season where the Body of Christ called the Son is coming to completion. This is a season to RELATE. In this season the Hearts of the fathers are turned towards the Hearts of the sons and vice versa.

Make sure that you see sons next to you and not members. Make sure that you equally see a father next to you and not a traditional religious covering. Let your heart turn towards your father and your son as well. The vocabulary of the past season is incapable of defining the father and the son. Whatever you were told is a father and a son in the past season will have to step aside. We were never able to define a prophet and an apostle during the Pentecostal season we had to define the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We were never able to define the apostle, in the Charismatic season, we had to define the gifts of the Spirit. THEREFORE YOU CANNOT CONTINUE SITTING IN THE CHARISMATIC SEASON THRONE AND TRY TEACH SONSHIP NOR DEFINE WHAT A FATHER OR A SON IS.

My spiritual father Apostle Hausley called me from my comfort of an old season and ushered me into this season. I appreciate all my mentors who did a wonderful work in my life but chose to remain in the old season. I therefore chose to migrate with all the birds that are going to a place fit for a new season. It was not easy to leave the warm homes in my of my old season but my destiny was calling me to join the pioneers of the new season.

I call this Man of God my spiritual father because HIS HEART WAS TURNED TOWARDS THE SON IN MY HEART. He poured in me until the HEART OF THE SON ROSE IN ME AND WAS TURNED TOWARDS HIM. I did not join his association and network to position my ministry or improve a brand. It was the work of the Holy Spirit. There are many wonderful men of God who raised me but chose to remain in the old season. There are also those mentors who raised me who cotinue to understand the changing seasons, but we can only have one father and many mentors (teachers).

My father is therefore committed to continue teaching on sonship and I share this passion as well and would be honored to help you meet your father and have a good relationship with your sons. Bless you.


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