Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 7

16 August 2013

Week 5

Everyone on this earth has to use heavens in order to access the earth. Whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly you use heavens to access the earth. Every door that is open for you in the physical has to open in the spirit first. At times we go to those with grace to access heavens on our behalf. When someone carries a healing grace it means he has Access to Healing Balm of Heavens. One who carries grace of prospering you has access to prospering grace. Whatever dimension of heavens you access; there will be angels of that dimension who will be there to serve you.

When you Access the Prophetic Grace in Heavens there will be angels who will be assigned to work for you in that dimension of heavens. Spiritual gifts are one time gifts from a dimension of heavens. But the growth of the gift will depend on your Access to that dimension daily. There are angels assigned to serve you in that area.

Once you have discovered your gift and dream you need to visit that area of heavens more often. As you visit it more angels are assigned to you. Each day you enter that dimension of heavens you return with one more angel. Have you ever noticed in a stadium a healing preacher will point a certain section of a stadium and all the people fall in that area?

It is because this preacher has more angels serving him for this anointing.

Initially there were few angels that will just work with him as ushers to slay few people under that anointing but the more he visits that dimension of heaven the more angels are assigned to assist him.

Evil people do the same.

When they have to access higher positions they consult mediums of their own heavens. There are evil heavens as well that sustain certain powers and our heavens will allow them for a time until the sons arrive with the glory.

Many Hollywood people have to access their Heavens in order to gain the Oscars. They get access to devils heavens and he opens the things for them on earth. Principalities and rulers are in the lower heavens and that heaven is the closest to the earth.

Love not the “world” says Apostle John. For in the “world” there is pride of life lust of eyes and so on. That “world” is the heavens that came with Satan in Eden and Adam entered them. Heavens of Satan has worry bitterness fear. Our heavens have righteousness peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Every time you worry you access Devils heavens. Heavens are utterances that speak day to day. As you worry during the day you are walking in these utterances and speeches. As you gossip you are walking in the heavens of rulers and principalities.

Whenever Paul says Grace and Peace unto you he brings our heavens.

So my point is you have been accessing heavens of principalities and they have become natural to you.

Every time you say “I am only human” you declare that you belong to the lower heavens. Therefore Christians access Devils heavens more than anyone I know. Heavens are speeches and utterances the bible says so. When you carry utterances of Glory you are the Son working with Higher Heavens. You can Access Heavens by Imagination. You can access heavens by dreams. Deliverance is a process of taking you from the lower heavens to higher heavens. For you to Access Higher Heavens you have to exit the lower heavens.

Gabriel fought for 21 days with principalities in lower heavens. For you to access higher heavens you have to pass through lower heavens. When you access heavens of prosperity you pass through heavens of poverty and it depends for how many days or years they hold you. You will need angels to release you from one level of heavens to another level. When you carry a bigger number of angels you access that dimension of heavens with ease. We access our heavens in prayer and in bible study as well as in thoughts. At times we speak in tongues as to access the speeches and utterances of heavens so as to pass the lower heavens.

Lower heavens are always with us they fill our television screens and our languages. You will have to exit some heavens so as to access some heavens. I don’t know what cages or limits you today but that is a prison of lower heavens.

Many Christians are captured right after salvation in these lower heavens. When you are fatherless you are captured!!! Only those with the Name of the Father in their forehead in Rev 14 pass to the Higher Heavens called Mount Zion. Am I helping someone in this session?

To repent is to exit some heavens! Repent and move away from some lower heavens. Lower heavens are charming and seducing! Only the unsaved will prosper in the lower heavens. Be careful of saying you are going to take mountains when you are going to compete with people of Lower Heavens using their tactics. You can’t compete with an unsaved neighbour by accessing lower heavens and think you shall win. She will win because that’s her turf.

There are many Christians who are boasting that they are in heavens when they have actually made a covenant with Lower Heavens. Many come to testify in church you know they live in sin and yet they are successful. Satan has planted a lot of successful people in church who have gotten their success from Lower Heavens in order to block you not to pass to Higher Heavens. People who have been sent to block you access higher heavens are right there in your church. Never envy their success for you will be caged in the Lower Heaven.

Get out of Lower Heavens!


Question: What if they give tithe?

Amen, Tithe question. Gold and silver is the Lord’s. That does not mean however the tithing of this person will cover him. You are a father and all these are sons. Sons tithe in obedience and not as foxes that have come to finish the lambs. When your sons are accessing wealth from lower heavens you have to teach them to access wealth from higher heavens. When you are fathered you are on your way to access wealth from higher heavens.

No need to identify them just look at yourself if you are their father. People we are getting deeper and you need to be sure where you stand ok?

Do you understand where we are going? Please honour this seed it is not mine it’s from above.

Do you know why some Music People rise so fast? They continually speak utterances and speeches of lower heavens even in their sleep. The reason why their records break so many sales it’s because those records must go preach lower heavens. And for every one initiated the musician gets awarded.

Ever wonder why Harry Potter is the best seller? It’s because those speeches and utterances must spread the world ASAP!!! There is nothing like best seller unless it comes to introduce some heavens. Some of the best sellers have settled for Mixed Heavens as though it is some motivational book of universal spirituality. (I say this last sentence with love mixed with sadness because this is where most of the friends I love and so dear to me operate)

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