Apostle and Prophets 2

Well are you ready for the second installment?
Well I am ready.
I really want to know more about the apostles and prophets.
For this to happen I also subject myself to the teaching of the Holy Spirit concerning this matter.
This means that as I teach I listen and learn as well.
We have no time to lose and we cannot afford misses when it comes to matters of doctrine.
Wrong believing and wrong choice is more lethal than our commitment to our choice.
This means we cannot count on faithfulness when we have become faithful to a wrong doctrine.
This is like a wrong business decision, it is always very expensive and we will have to wait for it to finish the whole cycle before we change it.
When you have chosen the wrong President as a country you will have to wait for five years.
It is the same in the spirit, there are doctrinal decisions that when chosen, you will need to have them finish their full cycle and then change them.
EPH2.20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

Here is design and architectural information concerning our building.
Now once we miss this in the design stage we have missed it in the doctrine level.
No, atter how tall and huge your building has become, you cannot afford a design fault in the foundation.
No matter how tall and huge your building has become, you cannot afford a design fault in the foundation.
The Apostles and Prophets are our foundation and without them we are bound to collapse as a building in the cycle of our development.
Our fathers received a revelation concerning this foundation and they began to build on this foundation.
But we need to remember what we said in the previous installment: their revelation was in part.
We ended our last installment with the following quote: ” Therefore as we shall begin this lesson I desire that you know that the Apostolic and Prophetic books written in the early nineties were a good foundation but were just a part of many parts that the Holy Ghost continues to reveal.”
It is one thing to have a revelation of the material to use in the foundation and it is another thing to have the revelation of how to mix the ingredients of this material.
It is also another thing to know how long we have to wait for this material to take form in drying up.
We had many apostles and prophets coming to the scene but instead of them becoming a foundation that keeps the house standing, they became the reason for a collapse of many houses.
There are many reasons to this end which we shall investigate later.
In Africa we have many Apostles and Prophets whose rise brought more division in the Body of Christ than a strong foundation.
They brought new forms of cracks and complicated cracks that have become more dificult to mend.
They have brought viruses that are more resistant to all our known anti virus equipment.
The divisions brought by some of the prophets and apostles have become more difficult to mend than those of the charismatic and pentecostal era.
What brought more confusion was that they carried more grace and therefore we had to obey the instruction: Touch not My anointed!
Somehow we knew that something was going wrong and we did not know how to sort it out.
I have explained in the Relationship Conference concerning these grace carriers in a session called Giant Man as well as in the session called The Present Church System in Africa.
What I want to bring accross in this installment is that the apostle and prophets that we hoped to have as foundation of the Building have become the main reasons for the collapse of the Building
Therefore there was a strong feeling that we have more of “false prophets” than we could say there are also “false pastors”.
The fathers who chose to remain in the old season were more justified by this malfunction in the new season and once again the Apostolic and Prophetic house was under attack.
As a reason prophets were under attack even in their personal lives.
Young prophets had complicated attacks that fathers of the old order were not able to solve.
For this reason many young prophets fell along the road.
The Apostolic and Prophetic season has not been an easy one for many young prophets.
And those who managed to survive used survival mechanisms that continued to harm the Body of Christ.
They found themselves in complications that could not be handled by anyone.
For this reason they began to live an isolated life and for a while isolation proved to be helpful to them.
In the process of this survival method they lost the true purpose of the prophetic mandate.
They were however highly graced and reckoned that they are walking in their calling.
In spite of being highly graced there was more damage in the Body of Christ as I taught concerning this in the Relationship Conference.
My heart still goes out to these young prophets as there are many who either fall on the way or become the hybrid prophets who have lost purpose while carrying great signs and wonders.
Lets check in the next installment how do we remedy this situation. The situation where the Apostles and Prophets have become more of a fault line in the Body of Christ than the intended foundation.


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  1. Zizonke zama skenjana

    Ooh!! May God help us.May the Lord again build firmly the foundation of the church,so that the Body of Christ may go back to its fore ordained or purposed state.Amen.

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