Apostles and Prophets 1

Who is ready for the word this week.
This is not the word I have desired and planned to share.
This is the Word the Holy Ghost is compelling me to share.
At times we share what we want to share and when we are in the mood to share.
But the yoke of the Son which we need to take is to share whatever the Father has and whenever the Father desires.
Therefore I have no vested interest in what I am about to share. I do it in total obedience to the Owner.
I am continually thankful for your willing hearts that form a good river bed for the flow of the Rhema Word.
That alone is a wonderful gift to me and I receive it with both hands.
Jeremiah had the true Word but there was no heart willing to receive it.
So was Isaiah and therefore that did not make them false prophets.
However the Spirit of Counsel advised them to put the Word in writing, so that even many years after their death there will be a willing heart that will bring to life the letters of the Word.
I have been therefore commissioned to the office of the Prophetic Scribe to do the same.
I desire to share to you about the work of the apostle and prophet.
There has been many who have eloquently brought forth this assignment to the Body of Christ.
There are those who labored heavily in making these two offices to break forth into the mainstream of our Christian belief.
They needed a very special grace to bring these two offices to be welcomed by the pastors, evangelists and teachers.
They therefore wrote that which these offices were able to digest in those days.
Many books were written for the Body of Christ to be able to have a picture what an apostle and a prophet look like.
The Body of Christ was very skeptic to the coming of the prophet into the scene.
They were very quick to have an idea of a false prophet, yet they never bothered to think about false pastor and evangelist.
Therefore prophets were pressured to perform in order to be welcome to this community.
They did not enter at the full definition that the Holy Ghost would have liked us to have, but they were introduced in part.
This is what happens when a new movement and season comes in our faith.
It always unfold in small parts so that we will be able to digest the meanings and grow towards the perfect thing.
This therefore means that the books that were written to break forth were not absolute, they were just a small part.
Twenty five years down the line more information is still breaking forth and we are getting clearer revelation of what a prophet and apostle have come to do.
The unfortunate part is that our founding fathers were never ready to grow with the revelation, though they were assigned to introduce the apostle and the prophet to us.
As a result some of the best known founding fathers of the prophetic and apostolic movement, have now become the obstacle to this movement because of being stuck in what they thought they knew.
There was a time when Peter the Apostle who had a close encounter with Jesus became an obstacle to the very Apostolic work.
Paul as late comer Apostle had to confront him and was graced with deeper revelation that Peter concerning the work of an Apostle.
We also have the Peters of our own time that have written very powerful books on the subject but unlike Peter, they did not welcome the correction of the Pauls of this day.
Though Peter had an amazing grace even his shadow healed the sick; but that would not be the measure of the revelation of the apostolic as compared to Paul.
The Peters of our day have filled their churches and have built great empires based on their shadow that can heal the sick but they are ignoring the reality of the presence of Pauls who are graced in Wisdom to understand the anatomy of the Body of Christ.
We also have the Pauls of our day that have no respect for the foundation done by the Peters of our day.
We must remember that Paul had an amazing revelation of the Body of Christ to a point that he was always connected to the Apostles in Jerusalem.
He faithfully took the offerings to Jerusalem, in spite of the limitation of the Peters on this Apostolic revelation.
Our Pauls today boast in bigger churches than the Peters and also boast in bigger offerings.
Though the Peters see the continuation of shadow healings as the seal of their office approval, the Pauls see the bigger offering and new forms of graces as approval to their ministries.
I give this background to you because I neither claim to be a Peter or a Paul of this Apostolic revelation.
I however come to you with a very special blessing of having been fathered by the Pauls of this day as well as being mentored by the Peters of this day.
I am not even comparing myself to any of them in the size of the church and size of the gift, thanks to the foundation given by my father Apostle Hausley.
Having said all this it remains my desire to walk in the foot steps of my spiritual father and grow to his likeness as I have been birthed in his image.
I bring this teaching to my sons as a revelation that has been passed to me by my spiritual father and the mentors I have been privileged to dine with in my short lifetime.
Therefore as we shall begin this lesson I desire that you know that the Apostolic and Prophetic books written in the early nineties were a good foundation but were just a part of many parts that the Holy Ghost continues to reveal.

Lets take this lesson in the second installment and further hear what the Holy Ghost has to say to us.


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