We write these things to you

We write these things to you
The Apostle John said many years ago he writes the epistles to the churches so that they will have fellowship with the churches and fellowship with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ 1John 1:3. He says in this fellowship of the family in heaven and on earth the joy must be full vs 4.

He describes a picture of a family sitting around the table of the Father in heaven with His Son Jesus Christ and the Apostle who first got to sit at this table and we are also all invited to sit with the entire table which is sharing the Word as the food of fellowship and joy in the family in heaven and on earth.

Let us fast-track this to our transactional times, this food is no longer in a family but in a restaurant. It is no longer for the purposes of the fellowship of family around the table but it is a transaction between buyer and seller.


This is how the word is distributed today. It has become transactional and not relational. I got to learn the difference between a transactional and relational fellowship from my spiritual father Apostle Ricci Hausley Sr.

He gave me the best meal of the word from his table and served it with love to me as his son and not his customer. All those who sit at the table enjoy the fellowship and wisdom are passed from generation to generation at the table. Do not get me wrong, there are still costs of distributing food in the family as well, but all that is a labor of love and meant to have the family fellowship and continue in the Joy of the Father.

We invite you to the relational table of our household. We write these things to you so that we may have fellowship with you and our household. We write these to you that your joy may be full.

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