It is our daily right to access heavens

I am immensely grateful to my spiritual father Apostle Ricci Hausley Sr who still continues to labor towards my thoughts and spirit to view the heavens as a son and not a spiritual or psychological orphan.

I greatly appreciate other Apostles such as Dr. Sam Soleyn, Apostle Thami Naidoo, and Dr. Sagie Govender who, through the lineage of my spiritual grandfather and his associates I was able to locate. Their clear thinking concerning what really heavens are, made me go and examine my understanding concerning heavens.

In 2014 August when I had this online conference, I was listening to the teachings of Apostle Thamo Naidoo about Genesis 1 Creations and the nature of heavens, and my Scribal grace kicked in to make a follow up of some of his labor on the subject of heavens.

In the light of this background, I discovered that the heavens are not a place where dead people go but a dwelling that welcomes us on each day of our lives.

I learned that we can access them daily when we understand their architecture and their daily purpose for us. This was only possible to imagine from Son’s position which Jesus took as an image to this earth for us to follow. The Son identity which my spiritual father Apostle Ricci Hausley Sr, is still instilling in my spirit.

I was in 2014 enjoying the sonship revelation and teaching sonship online classes for almost 4 years when I wrote this conference that has 18 sessions. This second edition in 2022 comes at a time post-pandemic when the world has lost most of its possessions and seeking the face of God once again. I share these oracles so as to help our people not to be victims of cults and heresies in this time of great need.

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