Relationship Conference

Relational patterns of God's Kingdom

Below are relational keys which were taken from the Bible and have been used by kingdom dynasties, families, churches and businesses that have outlived many of their peers and ruled for the longest time. They have been used by different religions, cultures and traditions throughout the human race.

It is the study of the relationship between God the Father and His Son and how He wanted that relationship pattern to grow on earth and impact every mindset, culture and intention of human beings.

We have taken the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to use them from the existing mindset and culture of dominance and outperforming one another. In this culture the rooted mindset is that of survival, underpinned by the question: what shall i eat and what shall I wear.

With this competitive mindset churches wanted to eliminate churches, kingdoms colonizing other kingdoms and families swallowing other families. We therefore used the teachings of Christ to advance these pre-existing goals.

We invite you to learn what has been passed to us by our fathers.

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