Sonship Conference 2015

Sonship is not a time bound fashion, it is a science of divine relationships

When politics and business want to sell their product to mankind, they know that human being is a creature of time bound fashion. It maybe certain clothing or songs and even philosophies of that time, human being is always contained in time bound ideas. The politics and business will use those terms and the language that will tickle the ears in order to win their clients.

Unfortunately churches allowed themselves to fall into that space of releasing new terminologies that will win people to their spaces. They allowed Biblical concepts to be time bound ideologies which they will use to win new members.

Sonship, which has been taught many years as a relational culture from the beginning of times has unfortunately been revealed in our pocket of time. That is 30 years ago in some other places around the world and only in this decade in Africa. To some areas it only arrived two years ago as a teaching.

You will hear critics ask: Where was this sonship, and spiritual father story all these years. They ask as if they have lived over a thousand year period. The world as it is now with the empire of the West behaves like “in the beginning of history” was when USA became a country and therefore at the most we are locked in a 500 year pocket of history and time. This means our thinking is time bound.

Where was oxygen all this time? Where was nuclear physics all this time? Well sonship is a science and it is not time bound. Someone will say: When was rice all the time? Someone will say: Where was meat all the time? My answer is: Where were you ALL THE TIME ‘eternal one’?

I had an opportunity in the last decade and a half of my 54 years to be exposed to this science of divine relationships through the teachings of my spiritual father Apostle Ricci Hausley. Please remember this is a Science of Heavens that has been there all along. Do not use it as a new teaching to fill your church. Science continues to unfold and we discover new things everyday in it, but that does not mean it was not there all along. 

I present to you Sonship 2015 Conference and I must say since I taught these concepts new ones are revealed everyday to me. Let me end by saying; do not be caught up in the revelation or the science of sonship, stay in the relationship of sonship. We have spent time in the past to make sure that the doctrines of sonship were all in place and we forgot the heart of sonship.

My spiritual Dad always remind me not to be caught up in the doctrines of this revelation in my mind, but live it out in my heart and enjoy its fruit. I present these teachings of seven years ago now in 2022 and I trust they will help you to survive manipulations and cults as you earnestly seek lasting Kingdom relationships

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