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Exposed to the nakedness of our parents

The effect of being exposed to the nakedness of our parents is a lifetime change. It brings decisions that will affect us in everything we do in our lives. It tampers with the foundations of our DNA and we are never the same after we have been exposed to the nakedness of our mentors, parents and spiritual parents.

The first thing that it tempers with is the blessing of long life or the longevity within us. Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Exo 20:12 KJV. After we see their nakedness they are no longer “honorable” as we used to think about them. 

Now we need to honor them beyond the nakedness, meaning even if our thinking does not see anything honorable anymore. The promise is long life and not long life in sickness, poverty or prison, but long life in the joy that God has destined for our life purpose.


My story begins with a story of one of the greatest fathers who has ever lived on the surface of the earth. After Adam he was granted the opportunity to begin the human life on earth from the beginning with his generation. He built the biggest ark and this is the picture that his sons knew him for. His sons saw him as the towering figure like that ark for the longest time and in just one day that picture got permanently erased from one of the sons when he saw a new picture of his dad; his nakedness. 

The other two sons made an intentional decision to keep the image of the towering figure of the great ark which is their dad. They decided to take a blanket to cover this picture that they felt they do not qualify to see. They were not going to lose the blessing of long life.

What is our appointment with this nakedness and why now? What effect will it have in our lives and what step do we need to take from here? Shem and Japheth took one direction and Ham took the other. We are exploring the direction of Ham in this conference.

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