Wilderness Experience

Having a feast in the wilderness

It has been seven years since I wrote wilderness experience. Now in 2022 it is post covid-19 and the wilderness experience is felt all over the world. Through the grace of a Prophetic Scribe I was made to write about these days and many more cycles to come long after we are gone.

I have taken solace in the ministry of another Prophetic Scribe Isaiah, he was told in his ministry that he will preach and write and no one will hear. This was designed to the hearing of those who will take his writings in the season of his prophecy.

I believe this is the season of the prophetic writings of seven years ago. If you are reading here it means your ears are graced to hear these oracles. It means your mind is graced to understand the riddles within this message.

Study how Jesus, Moses and Elijah confronted the wilderness in its season then you shall have a feast in your wilderness. This time post the pandemic; churches have disappeared, businesses have fallen. Many have lost their loved ones and this is your message of becoming a King and Queen of your wilderness.

The one who has ears will hear the oracles and utterances herein.

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