Writers, Authors and Scribes

Are you a Scribe and do you need our help

We activate Scribes and help them to walk in their calling of prophetic and doctrinal writings. We assist them to grow in the interpretation of their calling in the digital age. 

The information age in the digital era of the fourth towards the fifth industrial revolution is the biggest explosion that Christian Scribes have to face and contend in that space. As a Christian Scribe it feels like being a drop in the ocean where the message of the Gospel has to take over the space of many writings that are produced everyday.

As the Prophetic Scribes celebrate 10 years of authentic Christian writings we take this time to plant back to the Body of Christ by equipping the next generation of Christian Writers. These are Prophetic and Apostolic Scribes who are rebuilding the walls of doctrine in this age of information. They are an army that will speak to the audiences of the next 500 to a thousand years.

We have a School of Scribes that is launched in 2022 and this space is of the messengers that will run before the launch. They are both seasoned writers and students who will be the birthing place of the army of Scribes. This is the maternity ward of Christian writers and publishers and the midwives are here to assist you.

This team has decided to give us one publication each week from various authors while they sow a seed as well to prepare a space for young prophetic scribes. We also have guest scribes all over the world who will be contributing writers to bring an upgrade to the body of work that will be put here.

If you are interested to be a participant in this great work send us an email at admin@propheticscribes.org and find out what it takes to be part of the Team in the Prophetic Scribes and Writers. We look forward to have you take your journey as a Scribe with us.

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