Dead Bodies Need No Healing – Prelude to Passover

The following was my message on monday night. The scribe just brought back this summary for posting. Bless you:

I am sowing my seed in the waters.
This means the seed will grow where God decides.
These are Resurrection Messages.
Satan has killed and destroyed your image.
Jesus is Resurrecting everything.
They are not healing messages.
Dead things need no healing.
They need resurrection.
Dead means: Book Closed.
Dead means: No More Discussion about this issue.
Jesus says: I Am the Resurrection! John 11:25
Which means: The Book shall be opened again.
Seals shall be broken. Rev 5:2
The story shall be told again.
Your story shall rise again.
Your life shall return again.

We have stories that we can’t talk about.
Things we said of them: This I am taking to my grave.
We can’t even bring them to prayer anymore.
They are DEAD! We say.
The Name JESUS is above the name DEAD!
Resurrection is above Death!
Take not light the waters that are flowing down this river today.
I do not know how much is the greatest bill for the highest operation in the hospitals.
But no one has been billed yet for raising a Dead Body.
If you are Dead you owe no one.
Therefore no one wants to discuss money issues with you.
Even those of raising you up.
It is in this time the Angels cry and ask: Who is worth to open this Book.
Who is worthy to Resurrect This Life!
Who is Worthy to Let This History Run again! Rev 5:2

The Obituary has been read; meaning the last story about you has been spoken.
The Resurrection is ready to meet you tonight.
Dead Relationships.
Dead Finances.
Dead Properties.
Dead Ministries.
Of these we shall once more talk about them.
And in this discussion your case is not left behind.
On the third day your issues shall rise again.
On Wednesday your case shall live again.
Pray about it from today.
Fast about it from today.


Sermon on 23 March 2015 preparing sons for Passover.

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