Part 1
24 JULY 2014

Good morning to you all.
I trust it is well with all of you
I have been going through two very hectic weeks
It looks like this is how it will be from now on.
This means we need to have a very efficient machinery of communication.
We are living in complicated times
We will have to reach one another in complicated ways
Our spiritual walk is going through a new season
We will have to serve God in a new way
Whatever we know about serving God must be forgotten
We have to know there is more to our God
We have been a laughing stock to other religions
Our spiritual walk and religion is NEED BASED
Our churches are full of people with needs
If you give Africans a basic of R10 000 each family per month our churches will be empty
The churches in Africa are full because people are poor
They are not full because people love God
Many pastors have come to the calling because of poverty
They have not come because of a calling
If you can give all the pastors in Africa all the money they want, don’t think they will preach more, they will backslide
There are many pastors in our country who got top parliament jobs and that was the last of them
It will be a sad day to see that Sonship is designed in that way
In Sonship we are telling people about God their Father
Before He was a Healer He was Father
Before He was Provider He was Father
Before He was Saviour He was Father
We have given Him all these other names because of our sins
Adam did not call Him healer, Saviour, Provider because all was there. He knew Him as Father
Now when we become healed and we have a lot of money and protection we will not know what to come and do in church
People who have these things don’t come to church
They know that we have come to church looking for what they have
We have not come to church looking for Father
Once you look for the Father and not Healer you have a reason to stay
Once you look for Father and not Provider you have reason to stay
Once you look for Father FIRST not Protector, you have a reason to stay
I am looking for a Son who will have FATHER FIRST MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL
Sonship presents The Father First
Business churches present The Provider First
This is His Everlasting Name: Father
Before Satan and sin as well as after Satan and sin
We need to bring back the Father Gospel
Now this is the reason we are gathered here
We are here because of the Everlasting Father
Churches have become a house without a father
It’s a business with a mechanic
It’s a hospital with a doctor
It’s a crèche with a Christmas father
All these are things that fill the churches
There is no church getting full of people coming to see The Father
Churches are full to see The Magician
Churches are full to see The Money
We need to return to John 3:16
Only The Father can send The Son
He sent His Son
Not the Healer
His Son
Not the Provider
His Son First Ministries International
Father First
Son First
This is my desire for you
This is why we are here


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