fathering a character and mentoring a gift

Fathering a character and Mentoring a gift.

The story below is based on this link which was  a 2014 Sonship conference. It is about Joseph the Spiritual Father to Jesus the Man.  After my discussion with a friend in the ministry today I was reminded Fathering a character and mentoring a gift is what we need to do in the church today but instead we father a gift and try to mentor a character.

There is this thinking that I must be fathered by someone who has a ‘higher’ grace or anointing than I have. Putting it the other way round; once the Grace in me gets ‘higher’, I need to find a new father. I hope my teaching in the link as well as below will clear some of the confusion we have on these issues.

Fathering a character and mentoring a gift

When you are assigned with a responsibility of shepherding the flock in the ministry it is synonymous with beginning a family in a community life. When you have a family you are a father to your children.

In the olden days the home was also a school as well as a place for apprenticeship of a given trade. The parents had a duty of transferring to the next generation everything they have been taught by the previous generation.

All the skills from hunting to war or self de fence to farming and trade were taught within the family. There were however village or city duties that would need other mentors which were not your father and mother. Certain skills were however kept in the family as they were an inheritance of the family. In this case they would extend to be taught by uncles and others.

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When it came to life lessons only a father would be assigned to transfer them to his son. This would ensure that the son continues with the family legacy. These life lessons were mainly character and destiny based. Therefore we would say a Father builds a character. It was a very important tradition in families to have unfolding processes of Bringing up a Son. Within these teachings you were taught on how to keep the unity of the family then that of the clan and the tribe all the way to a nation.

I will pause here and pour on you this bucket of cold water bible truth: The laws of God in the Bible were never about Going to Heaven, they were always about Building a Nation!! Let me leave you in that shiver and return to our topic.

Fathers therefore had an ultimate goal of raising a son who will keep the nation together beginning from family. If every son in the Nation listens to his father, the Nation shall be the Head among nations and never a tail. The Nation will lend to other Nations and not become a borrower. Deuteronomy 28.

This is the environment Jesus the Man was raised under Joseph His father. Now given the system above which was instituted by God, these were not just biological fathers but spiritual fathers, that’s the mandate God gave them for they were raising a Holy Nation. Under this system which we call Sonship a Son had to finish 30 years before qualifying to be a Father that will raise a Son in the same way.

We shall conclude that we Father a Character that will Build a Nation. This is fathering a character and mentoring a gift. This is far from over. We will have to migrate to the Holy Nation Blog so as to finish it in the correct platform.

Let’s go.


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