Giant Man

Part 2, Relationship Conference: Chapter 10, May 25, 2014

I want to begin our lesson with the encyclopedia definition of virus.
“A virus is a microscopic organism that can replicate only inside the cells of a host …. Complex structures: More complex viral structures may have a capsid that is … termed maturation) happens once the virus has escaped out of the host cell.”
A virus is a life that can only replicate inside of a cell host.
Imagine the cell host as your body.
It is life! But has come to destroy relationships of a body structure.
Now an anointed Giant Man comes into a living Host which is the body.
This is the Body of Christ in one community.
His anointing was given to go and bring life from dead places.
He was supposed to go to a place where there is no belief in God and begin life.
But he comes to an existing life body which has been developed by other pastors for many years.
He comes with this big anointing not to help the pastors for the work they have been doing all these years.
Instead he chooses a position of a virus in the Body of Christ in this township.
He first come as visitor as though he is coming to help a church.
This becomes the host or the springboard for his launch.
He then bullies everyone around with demands that cannot be met by his host.
Instead of building he now begins to suck the blood of this poor church.
Now if the pastor does not jump out he makes a breakaway church.
He first begin with the worship group of this church and choose the best musicians.
Then all the best singers of other churches come and join him.
Soon the word spreads in the township that a great man of God has arrived.
Now what was meant to be a life giver to the Body of Christ in this township becomes a virus eating all faithful relationships that have been developed for years in this township.
The wife moves from her church and leave the husband to go and support the Giant Man.
Many divorces in the Christian community in Africa have begun this way.
The children of a pastor leave his church and go join the Giant Man.
Now the virus grows by eating up all churches in this community.
There might be a big anointing in the community but Trust is broken.
The Giant Man blames all the churches for playing with people and there is “no fire” in their churches.
He comes remove sons from Fathers and introduce them to Fire.
Now these are those who pray “Our Fire who art in Heaven”.

Even the Churches Forum of this township is destroyed.
Young pastors move away from their mentors and join the church of the Giant Man because they also want this anointing.
Now in the midst of this great anointing there is a foundation of betrayal.
All girls move to this big ministry with their mothers.
Young men are forced to join this church because if they don’t they will lose their girls to the boys of this church.
Then a large swarm of unfaithfuls come to worship in this church.
Soon the pregnancies grow in this church and divorces show up in the midst of the anointing.
The reason is they are under an unfaithful untrustworthy orphan who ran from his father as soon as he saw that he has the fire power.
Africa is full of these clowns and they ravage all communities breaking trust and breaking relationship.
To me I have never seen a drug dealer that is able to break so many hearts of a township in one weekend of the so called revival.
Now be sure that Sonship and Relationships come difficult in the seed of these churches.
They can’t build a school or a clinic in that community instead they ship out all the money to the place where they came from.
This kind of floor crossing has never been seen even in politics.
No businesses have ever betrayed each other like these clowns.
I tell you this is the Mark of the Beast in person.
No wonder marriages in these churches can hardly be healed.
I have seen many who come to me from these churches struggling with sonship.
Now when this Virus has finished sucking this community he therefore brings the best speakers to town.
He then brings sonship teachings as well.
All new sermons come from this church.
Now that he is stable he establishes himself as a father of this community.
I really have no mercy for this kind of Hollywood stars.
This is the reason the Apostolic Community has been released in these last days.
Now many of you struggle in sonship because you carry the cover of these Giant Men.
Everyone wants to shine so as to be closer to these heroes who never fathered.
How do you suppose a person can be a father to 12 000 sons and attend to everyone of them?
The Apostles have come to correct this mess.
It is not easy for them; for they have to penetrate the same structures.
Therefore do not expect a perfect place after all this damage.
I had to bring it out raw as it is to you so that your foundations in your mind will begin to communicate the Heart of Father God and begin to work towards restoring the Body of Christ in your community.
Do not be mistaken; the Body of Christ is perfect and Healthy.
But all these people who have joined the Virus have to be returned to a relational life.

Peace be unto you

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