Grace To Relate

This morning my son pulled this lesson out of my old notes I taught them. Then I thought it is maybe for all of us to have. Bless you.

The Grace to Relate.

I have walked the path of faith.
I have heard of the greatest miracles.
I have seen some.
I also have a father who walk in the high grace.
But the Highest of the Graces is Relationship.
Relationship is the Highest Miracle.
I have stayed with prophets that can tell the color of your underwear but leave the same prophet to
solve a relationship problem with a fellow brother they fail.
Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries; and all knowledge; and though I have
faith so that I remove mountains and have no Love (Relational Grace); I am nothing 1Cor 13:2
We sing this verse but we don’t see through it.
The Grace to Relate – Love is the principal thing.
Love is beyond unity
Love is Oneness.
I know of people who are ready to face 90 000 people and sing the best song but would rather die if you
ask them to sort an issue with a spouse or mom.
To Relate is the hardest of all Graces.
In the path of Relating you meet all kind of species that God needs you to love.
Now people are ready to have a gift to remove devils but they are not ready to have a gift to deal with the
devil that they are.
To relate is to sit face to face with the devil that you have become.
There is a devil in me that wants to define relationship; whom to relate with and whom not to relate with.

The orphan spirit is this part in me that is not able to relate. The son spirit is the part in me that is graced to relate. All relationships originate from the Father and Son Spirit. This is the part in us that makes us to be of the same image and likeness as the Godhead. This is the very part that satan no matter how supernaturally gifted he is. Jesus says His disciples shall be known through the ability to relate. This is found in John 13:35.

Therefore pursue the Love Grace
Pursue the Relationship Grace.
It really amazes me that people want to have the Grace to heal the sick but they don’t want to have the
grace to Love the same.
We need to pursue the graces that were there before satan was a problem.
You do not always have to measure the Grace with Evil.

We are poor because we have failed to relate.
The first Grace you need to kick out poverty is the Grace to Relate.
Curse not the rich Ecc 10:20
This means be good in relating.
The easiest person to hate is a rich person.
The easiest person to hate is someone who is more blessed or successful than you are.
I have made my mind.
All these other Graces will be a bonus to me.
I just need Grace to Love.
I just need Grace to Relate.
I have seen it all. Love always win.
Love always make a way.
And lastly do not measure the Grace against evil.
When the bible said Grace will always abound more than Evil it did not mean Evil is the measure or the
opposite of Grace.
Many people (me included) say Africa has more Graces.
The truth is that it has more Evil.
This Grace we see is just out shining the evil we see.
I don’t want to measure Graces with Evil.
I want the Graces that were there before evil came.
Light or Wisdom was there before Satan came.
Understanding was there before satan came.
Love was there before satan came.
We don’t Love to shame the devil.
We Love because we are Love.

Peace be unto you

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