In Christ

God is not a heavenly being.

 You have built a house of bricks and no one is calling you a Brick.

As New Creation we are not earthly beings.

In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth so he can’t be an earthly being

He is in heaven and He is not heavenly being. Nut angels are heavenly beings.

We are on earth but we are not earthly beings. Animals are earthly beings.

 The heaven and earth will pass away but The Word shall remain.

Jesus is the Son of God and He is the Word. We are in Him.

We are not Earthly beings.

Jesus is the Word Being.

All those who are in Christ are Word Beings.

This means what the Word say we are therefore We Are.

Word is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

Son is a place where Heaven and Earth meet.

The Eternal House which the Father has Chosen. The Son.

 Together we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost

Not temporary temple


 And it begins today and now and it is forever

I am the Word and I speak the Word.

Sunshine occupies the space between the skies and the planets

Sonshine occupies the space between heaven and earth

You are the Son Shine the place where Heaven and Earth meet

You have been given equal access to heaven and earth everyday

You are sitting in heavenly places today with Christ

And you are also sitting on earth

 You are twenty four seven in both places at once

This is what makes you to be called new creation.

This means both heavens and earth have equal opportunity to influence you. The choice remains in your renewed mind to be influenced by heavens.

 It may as well remain in the stagnant bitter unforgiving mind to be influenced by the earth.

The mind is the battle ground that decides whether to set itself in heavens where spirit dwells with Christ or on earth where flesh dwells.

 This is the peculiar race a rare breed.

An opportunity to evolve and revolve.

Indwelling spirit gives opportunity for evolution and the Son gives opportunity for revolution

We evolve within ourselves as we repent everyday as much as we revolve around Christ as we immense ourselves in His Word.

 We are Word Beings where Heaven and Earth meet.

 We are the ladder that connects the two.

Those who touch us have a doorway to both realms.

What they call miracles we call signs.

It is a miracle to them because they are chasing it and can’t comprehend it. Eventually they find Christ.

It is a sign to is that Christ is in us and with us and this sign and wonder follows us. We don’t chase it.

 This is who we are. Together the Body of Christ.

 You touch us you touch Christ.

Satan dares touch us he will touch Christ.

 Demons dare touch us they touch Christ

That’s why we cast them out because Christ Head cast them out too.

This is not an analogy it is the real existence our make-up our new garment.

This is who we are. As Christ is in heaven so are we on earth.

Vanto Vanto

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