4. In Him was Life and the Life was Light of Men

Th Gospel of John and Sonship Session 4

This is my fourth session of The Gospel According to John. I have received an instruction together with you to teach Sonship to new believers.
And we have received the instruction to do it with the Book of John.

In the three sessions we have only gone through three verses of the first chapter of John. I will continue today with the next verses 4 and verse 5.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:4-‬5 KJV

In him was life not just any life but a special kind of life. This is the life that became light of men.

Let us hear in His own words defining this life: And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. John 6:35 KJV

This is one account where Jesus speaks of this life in him. This life he has brought to us. In Africa we are in search of life everywhere. We hunger we need bread. Anyone who promises a better life whether it be a politician, a drug lord or a person of any religion we follow that person.

But this life is different. Not only that he has life to bring to us but He is The Life. Jesus says in John 14:6 I Am the Way The Truth and The Life.

There are many religions and denominations filled with people looking for life. All these people have results and they all have testimonies.
They all have miracles and breakthroughs and they all conclude that they are in the right places.
They have this “life” that they have found to a point that they do not need Jesus anymore.

We have a responsibility to the new believers, because many have come looking for this life in the same way that all others are looking for life in other places. We could be dealing with spiritual shoppers that are waiting for us to finish so that they get to the next shelf of life that they can pick next door.

If there is a space that is not worth the time of competing against: it is the “miracle space” because they are now found in every corner. But we have a responsibility to present the Life of Jesus and it is distinct and different. It does not compete in the space of a Need Based Gospel.
What makes This Kind of Life different? John1 vs 4 says : In him was life and the life was light of men.

There is a life that keeps men in darkness.

This is the life that makes men to deny Jesus Christ.
Because of this “life” they have even resources to argue the existence of God and even His Son Jesus Christ.
This comes when we come in competition with the people who draw life from the Lower Heavens.
Cults and spiritualists fill great meetings with this kind of life that takes away the light (understanding) of men.

Jesus has come to bring a Life that comes with Understanding.
We have become famous for being people who are afraid to command authority in the Thinking World because we have chosen to embrace “life” without Light or Understanding.

He came as Life that is Light so that we shall also give others Life and become light.

In Adam’s pursuit of a higher life outside The Father he lost the Light.
He lost the Understanding of our Kingdom. His understanding was taking him as far as what he shall eat and what he shall wear.

This Light is the Knowledge that We are Sons and He is Our Father!

In our Servant-Culture we have limited understanding. That means we have limited light. Servants only get knowledge that is sufficient for them to get work. Sons get understanding and knowledge that reveals who their Father is and what inheritance has He kept for them.

We study because we want to ‘get-a-life’ we want to work. We choose some line of study because of our needs and not because of our calling. Sons get knowledge (Light) that is in line with their calling.
Servants get manipulated or limited knowledge just sufficient to give them ‘life’.

Life without light (knowledge and understanding) belongs to servants.
They don’t want to know they just want their wages.

This has become the greatest business in politics and religion today to give manipulated or limited light which is called propaganda. Even in business it is called Advertising.

In order to have the greatest number of followers you need to control what they know and give them the life they want. This is life without light. We eat lots of food that is killing us because we have settled for life without light.

We just want ‘benefits’. Servant Culture is a controlled society that is brainwashed (given life without light).

Jesus want us to have the Life of Sons. Life that brings Light. That opens our Understanding.

Today we have Muslims who in their majority have better knowledge of the Holy Bible more than Christians. We have lost the Understanding of His Word. We know more miracles than we know the Word.
In our televisions there are some denominations that pay more airtime for testimonies than for The Study of the Word, This is because they have studied the atmosphere of Demand and Supply therefore miracle testimonies are more profitable than the Word.

The new believers need The Word.
We don’t have to try keep them as happy customers in trying to prove that we have ‘more life’ than the denomination next door.

This is why Jesus wants you to get as much life as you get understanding.
We manipulate information (mix life with some darkness) so that we keep our ‘customers’

We have been sent to Build A Nation of Kingly Priests. This means we have been sent to produce sons who will do greater things than us. We have been sent to give them all and leave nothing. Give them all the life and all the light leaving nothing!
In Him was Life and the Life was Light of Men.


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