In the Name of the Father vs the absent father

Happy Fathers Day

To my Dads Oscar Makubongwe Vanto and Apostle Ricci Hausley Snr and all the dads around the world Happy Fathers Day. To the Glory of our Father in Heaven.

The old-time assault of all families on the earth has been the absent father. Waves and waves of bitterness and unforgiveness rage over many nations towards the absent father. From the earliest creation throughout the history the main assault to nations was absent fathers

Great wars created absent fathers.

Slavery created absent fathers.

Witchcraft created absent fathers.

Imprisonment created absent fathers.

All along satan knew that one day people will have to pray and say: OUR FATHER

He made sure that the Name of the Father must be most hated on the face of the earth.

Even fathers who are present at home became absent fathers.

Mass unemployment over the nations created absent fathers who are at home.

Satan knew that on day people will have to be baptized in the Name of the Father.

Many anti-father movements purporting Father hatred have been created since biblical times.

We are absent fathers even when we think we are present.

Let us not give up on fatherhood no matter the father imperfections that have been a trap since our birth.

Let us not raise absent fathers from our boy children.

Let us not give up on the Name of the Father. Let us not give up on saying Our Father who art in Heaven. Hallowed be thy Name oh Father remain honored even when it is under attack on earth.

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