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Observing relationship from the gifted is another session in our conference that examined how the gifted ones often bring the gift to the relationship when they are supposed to bring their heart. Relationship is contained by a structure called family; but there are those who say i don’t need family I just want to be paid for my gift; this makes it a transaction and not a relationship. Enjoy the session: Observing relationship from the gifted.

Relationships: Session 2
13 May 2014

Sonship is the cornerstone of healthy relationships and the orphan spirit is the plan satan has for the mankind.

From the garden of Eden there are only two foundations of Relationship; you are either in God’s sonship plan or in satan’s orphan society plan.
You are either Relational from God’s plan or you are a Relationship Failure from Satan’s design.
Genesis 3:1 says the serpent is the the more crafty/ subtil/ shrewdest/cunning that ANY BEAST of the field the Lord has made.
This means when satan is incarnated in any being he comes out in a very clever presentation that a man can get.
Satan has used the Orphan Culture and presented it as the most heroic and the most spiritual of lives.
Today when people want to be “more spiritual” they withdraw from relationships.
God has shown that the more spiritual way is the Relational way.
He says let Us make Man in Our Image.
The making of man comes from a Relationship.
Man comes from a Relational Image.
The Image of God is Love and Love is a Successful Relationship.
We are made from a Perfect Relationship. That is our image.
When we make Gifts and Performances our Image we move from Relationship to Competition.
The world has been taught Competition rather than Relationship.


We were taught terms like Healthy Competition without knowing that those are the eggs of Orphan Culture.
Our Churches are in Competition than in Relationship and therefore do not form part to the Body of Christ.
The Body of Christ is a Perfect Body its either you are In the Body or out of the Body.
We have brought Competition to families and families turned into business.
We brought Competition into Churches and churches turned into business.
There is nothing like Healthy Competition.
We can either display the Glory of God or the glory of flesh.
The Glory of God is in Relationship and the glory of flesh is in competition.
I can’t use my gift to take members from other churches and say that is the Glory of God.
Poaching is Competitive and not Relational.
I have come to be a cancer in the Body of Christ than a cure.
It has come to be a cancer in the Body than a cure.
The dictionary explains a virus as ‘life that grows outside a structure (relationship)”
It becomes life that destroys a structured life.
When your giftedness destroys churches it is a sign that your gift is not structured in relationship.

I use my gift to destroy the christian community and that is the glory of flesh.
I can’t rejoice in making children orphans through my gift.
I can’t rejoice in destroying families through my gift.
All playboys are gifted and charming.
They either charm with money, good looks or anointing.
But the bottom line is that they are all players.
Do not allow the cunning serpent to turn your gift into a tool of fornication and adultery in the Body of Christ.
Let me get feedback
I want you to take this lesson and discuss even on your own groups.
Take it to your life at home and at work even in church
Tell me what is your step from here
We all need to remember our servanthood assignment but keep our sonship identity.

end of lesson

When we allow this scenario in church we are no longer building the Holy Nation, the Spiritual Family but we are building an organization that has individuals competing for recognition. Gift is good, but it must come following the heart. This is Observing relationship from the gifted.

Peace be unto you

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