The Law which Giants can't obey

The Ministry of Prophet Ham Session 6

I am aware of the strange nature of this teaching and I have just obeyed the Holy Spirit.
We are exploring the days of Prophet Ham and his family. This is before and after the floods.

We have seen the sequence of events that led to the floods. We know that from the fall of Adam there was an explanation to them what laws have kicked in as a result of their sin.
The people continued to sin and the laws against sin continued to judge the fallen nature.

However there is a sequence of events that happened which triggered a second wave of the laws of nature to judge the people.
The first thing that happened that never happened at the fall is that the sons of God had relationship with the daughters of the earth.

The second thing we see is the emergence of a new species called giants from these relationships.
We have explained in detail the relationship between God and giants in the past lesson.

This includes giants as people; statues; buildings or projects. This we have shown concerning giants as churches and even businesses.
The history about giants is that they have never saved the world but they simply swallow the world.
Giant governments and giant corporations are not saving the world but they are swallowing the world. If you refuse to be swallowed they destroy you.

Numbers 33:32b The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature.
Today we live in cities with businesses of great stature yet the cities eatheth up the inhabitants thereof.
Today we live in cities with great churches yet the same cities are eating up the inhabitants.
Today we live in the world with big governments who eat up the smaller neighbouring governments around them.

This is the generation of Ham the giants that occupied the Canaan in those days.
What is it about the sin of this son Prophet Ham which makes it so serious that the bible overlook the mistake that Noah the father puts himself into?

At the beginning of Genesis 6 we see the sons of God making a forbidden alliance with the daughters in the land. This resulted into Giants who had a punishment of not only losing the land but thrown out of the land permanently. This time around it is after the floods
and the son of God (Prophet Ham) has a forbidden alliance with the daughter of the land (thought of Kingdom of darkness). This is the thought which he slept with and it produces giants later in the generations and the result is the same; they are removed from the land which was Canaan.

His response to a naked father activated a natural law that kicks people out of the land.
The law that is impossible to keep in any giant’s heart is the sixth of the ten commandments: Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long UPON THE LAND which the Lord thy God giveth thee Exodus 20:12.


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