Purpose and Motivation in The Body of Christ – Satan hijacking the seat of Motivational Industry

Session 3


Good morning to you all.

I desire to continue with my third installment of Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ.

Christians in these last days have lost the revelation of what is supposed to motivate the Body of Christ.

As a result they have become the least motivated group of people in most of the circles.

There has been a lot of mixture and a lot of borrowed tools of motivation.

At the end what motivates other people to go on in life seems to be poisoning to our understanding of life.

We need motivation and edification.

The days have become stressful days.

There is more betrayal and unfaithfulness like never before.

People have become lovers of themselves.

Relationships have become more complicated and deception is rife.

There is so much that is discouraging as hopes are risen by selfish lying people when they are actually selling vapour and mirage to us.

We have deals that seem to be coming together and they disappear in thin air.

We send our cv’s to very promising places and end up gathering dust in shelves.

Nobody is immune to these realities irrespective of religion and beliefs.

Without being opportunistic to unfolding events we have a large number of respectable pastors committing suicide.

Our prayers are with them and we are mindful of the pain the families are going through in times like these.

Why are we less motivated in spite of all these motivational materials?

Why is the world seemingly more motivated than a born again Christian?

Why are other people mastering the universal principles of creation more than us?

I have seen on Fridays in the office corridors at work and the non believers have more life and motivation than the believers.

Eventually the believers develop an inferiority complex and try to “fit in” to these happy people.

Happiness is contagious it does not matter from which corner it comes from.

We are living in very stressful times.

This means we can only do church activities to a certain point and return home and confront ourselves.

Is the motivation of Christians under attack?

By saying Christians I do not exclude people in general.

But the truth is that the Motivation in the Body of Christ is under attack.

What seems to be motivating to everyone does not motivate to us anymore.

Has satan not hijacked the seat of the motivation industry where we helplessly run to?

If he was able to hijack the entertainment industry what will make him not hijack the Motivation Industry?

Are we not running to satan for motivation in unawares?

Are we not as a people in these last days addicted to motivation as some kind of drug?

My contribution to this installment is that Satan has taken almost every corner of Motivation Industry because he knows you are coming to feed there soon.

There is nothing wrong with motivation just as there is nothing wrong with thirst quenching water.

However the same water can be hijacked by criminals of this world.

He knows that in these last days you are very discouraged and you need motivation.

He sends his demons of discouragement to give you an unusual overdose of discouragement.

He then waits for you in one Motivation Corner because he knows you are surely coming there.

I have great respect for Christian Motivational Speakers and I will not take a swipe on any.

But we need to know that people smoke motivation than any known drug.

So we cannot forever give them motivation even at the time they need correction.

Churches of motivation are running full and churches that bring correction are getting empty.

My message to you is that Satan has occupied the Motivation Throne and is waiting in that corner for you and not for anyone else.

Are you unusually de motivated? Are you unusually discouraged?

Have you become hooked to motivation yet without any improvement?

Satan has hijacked the seat of Motivation Industry.

We need to redeem motivation and bring back the pure waters of motivation to mankind.


Vanto Vanto
New Earth Virtual Ministries

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