During this weekend I returned back to encouraging saints concerning their destiny in Christ.
I have noticed that saints are very discouraged in the path of salvation.
Mostly their discouragement connects with their lack of purpose for living.
I could not help but notice that the best sellers are also in this area of purpose and destiny.
People are so much ready to be encouraged and motivated to reach their destiny.
They are even ready to pay any money in order to buy a book or book a seat for some motivation.
Well I must confess that at some stage I bought almost all books in this area from authors of all religions.
I took from the oldest read by my age of Dale Carnegie; Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and many others who are still alive today.
I also noticed that most of the best known teachers of the word opted to go down this way and soon began to appeal to religious groupings of all walks of life.
As I said earlier people are so demotivated in these days.
The reason is that the food is getting lesser and the people are becoming more and more.
The money as well is moving quicker from many hands and is held by fewer and fewer hands.
With the rise of technology people are loosing more jobs; that can be attributed more to greed than to technology.
It is becoming more difficult to look for a job; business money or food.
Not only are people buying water nowadays but they buy oxygen as well. They even buy breathing methods.
People today buy security and peace of quiet places.
Noisy restaurants has cheaper food therefore the quieter the restaurant the more expensive the food becomes.
Reaching all these things come with a lot of stress and christians are not immune to these realities.
Looking at this niche our pastors ended more as motivational speakers and entertainers so as to fill this need.
Church was no longer about what God needs for His children but it was about what the church customer needed.
They became need based churches than Word Based churches.
The demand grew to the point that the motivation language had to fit people beyond the Christian religion therefore the pastor/author had to tone the language down so as to accommodate other religions as well.
In the end we lost the message of the Gospel because of rising sales as well as the demand of the greater community.
This does not however take away the genuine need of edification and motivation of the saints.
How shall we return to the place where we motivate and edify one another without this huge motivation industry that has overlapped the church?
We have people who have bought all the books about destiny but they have not yet reached their destiny.
People buy more motivation books but in the end they commit suicide.
Is the motivational vocation still as pure as God desired it to become?
Has this need for motivation not ended up promoting saints with itchy ears?
Is it possible to reclaim the ground of motivation so as to rebuild the walls of our cities like in the days of Nehemia; Zerubabel; Hagar and Zecharia?
I believe there is a place of motivation and edification in the Body of Christ.
I believe there are Prophets who are still heeding to the call of Edifying the Body of Christ.
Let us look at the next installment in how we can redeem this assignment.
Purpose and Motivation in the Body of Christ shall be the title.


  1. amen, dad that is very true, i’m convicted but the question is how do i as an individual start to fix it? how do i move from being a need based child of God to being word based?

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