Relationship of The Trinity

Session 9 Relationship Conference
24 May 2014

We are exploring relationship of the Trinity as in the Father and Son sharing the same Spirit.
We can’t help but notice this relationship displayed in the midst of the greatest power displayed in creation.
It is amazing how many relationships are lost in the midst of power.
Power struggles are destroying many relationships.
When people suddenly have the access to Let There Be power they fail to return to the Let Us code.
Father God displayed the greatest of all power during creation and He still returned to say “Let Us”
I have seen couples when one have a simple R5000 ($500) increase then its difficult to come back to the “Let Us” Altar with the partner.
I have seen people campaigning in politics with a “Let Us” manifesto but when we vote for them and they now carry a bigger “Let There Be” they are no longer able to come to the “Let Us” Altar.
The “Let Us” Power is for Sons.
I will explain that later.
Africa today is failing because the are incapable to have a “Let Us” Power.
Countries that are able to use the “Let Us” Power rule the world.
The one nation that has used the Let Us Power more than any nation in the world is the Jews. No wonder they rule the world.
When God created the world He said “Let There Be”
This is one Power you can use alone.
But when we were about to show up He used the “Let Us” Power.
We are the product of a “Let Us” Power.
There is nowhere mentioned that when He made Angels He used the “Let Us” Power.
There are many instances in the Bible that prove that Angels were created from the “Let There Be” Power.
We will go to that later in the course.
For now it is important for you to know that you are made from the “Let Us” Power and the Angels are made from the “Let There Be” Power.
The “Let Us” Power is a Relationship Power.
Let Man come from Our Relationship.
He did not say “Let the Angels come from our Relationship”.
If you start this conference from this chapter it may be very confusing.
If you have not revised the previous Chapters it will be more confusing.
I am laying the ground to define what is a Relationship.
The Relationship is the “Let Us” Power.
We need to have a Revelation of the “Let Us” Power.
Sonship is therefore the “Let Us” Power.
Sonship is Relationship.
Now many who fail in Sonship have failed in Relationship.
The Orphan spirit is a spirit that denies us relationships.
Even in the midst of relationships the Orphan spirit has a way of rearing its ugly head.
We are going to explore why Relationship fails in the next instalments.
We will be mainly exploring them based on Genesis 1.
The full understanding of Genesis 1 is sufficient to become the beginning and the end of the bible.

Peace be unto you

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