Relationship conference is a journey and identity for every believer. Have you looked at the link before?
Take a look at it and return to me. Bless you.

  1. I AM THE RELATIONSHIP became a very explosive discovery at the beginning of our conference. The works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19 are a sign of a twisted relationship. The fruit of the Spirit that follows shows perfect relationship.

  2. RELATIONSHIP AND GIFTEDNESS. Gifted people are poor in relationship. Why is it like that? Churches with more spiritual gifts have pooreer relationships than those less gifted. This session explores the reason why.

  3. THE LET US CODE. This is the code that brought us to manifestation. We are the first offspring of a realtionship. We are relational beings and in the creation account this code reveals our true nature.

  4. LET THERE BE CODE is a very informative lesson which we used to open this conference. We showed its benefits as well as its abuses. We therefore concluded that man was made from the LET US CODE and our concusion was: I AM THE RELATIONSHIP.

  5. SEEING YOURSELF IN THE OTHER was the next session. We discovered that The Father saw Himself in the Son and the Son saw Himself in the Father as well.

  6. SORT OUT YOUR FATHER ISSUES AND GET HEALED was another very interesting session where we saw that our relationships with our fathers are a cornerstone to every relationship.

RELATIONSHIP UPGRADE is a piece of unedited work but gives a clear picture of where this conference will end. I encourage everyone to follow that thread.


  1. This is the Light that came into the world and the world knew it not. Thank you Prophet of God for agreeing to be used by God to bring to understanding of this truth.

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