Revelation of Relationship

Revelation of Relationship.
05 Aug 2014
We are sometimes blown by wind as pollen in the bigger scheme of things.
We have no idea what our relationships are until something germinates there. Though we thought we understand the nature of the relationship; one thing follows after another. Suddenly it becomes Relationship Revealed. When the Holy Spirit is arranging relationships He does not give us the full picture; but the more we see the more we understand what we are involved in. Two people meet as class mates and end up being friends. Later on they end up noticing a new dimension where they are romantically involved. Later they get married. These are steps of a Relationship Revealed.
The more Revelation you get in a Relationship the better the assignment you have in the relationship. You only commit to the relationship to the level of revelation that you have concerning the relationship. Before you want to have a revelation concerning a particular relationship you first need to have a Revelation of what Relationship is.
Sonship is Relationship Revealed. It is a basic thread that knits all relationships that eventually form a Body, a family, a clan, a tribe and then a nation. Sonship is a cell structure; an atomic structure and a type of bond from eternity. Its configuration remains hidden to the Kingdom of Darkness. This among all relationships has never and will never be revealed to satan. Once we move away from an orphan culture we begin to have a new revelation concerning all relationships as ordained by God.
Our relationship in the Body of Christ is a continual Revelation that will never come to a stop.
The more the Body of Christ is Revealed the more Commitment and Rootedness emerge from us. We are in this Relationship in the Body and it is immense and overwhelming. Everyday we discover where we fit in the bigger scheme of things. The Revelation of a Relationship is victory in itself. When the Revelation of your True Relationship with your Spouse; Father Brother and Sister shows up you are unstoppable.
Satan has made us first and foremost not to have a revelation of the term Relationship. Secondly He has hidden Revelation concerning Relationships that surround you. When all fingers discover the Relationship they have to one another they begin to work together in the Body and accomplish great things. They go beyond picking and receiving and they begin to create and write and go to levels never imagined in their relationship. When you have a Revelation of Relationships around you; you shall do exploits. Everyday I learn a new thing about my relationship with my father as well as relationship with my sons. I study my relationship with each son and explore it as I would explore a brand new world. I know each relationship comes with explosive experiences as planned by Abba Father.
We will never fulfill our assignment well when Relationship is not Revealed in us. That is why Fathers do not solicit sons they wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal the relationship between the two. I will not forget the night when it dawned to me that Apostle Hausley was my Spiritual Father.
Yes I had my assumptions in certain relationships but I had to find my release in a Godly manner and approach my Revealed Relationship.
Apostle Hausley Revealed to me what Relationships are in Christ while the Holy Ghost revealed him as father to me. My first letter I wrote to him requesting that he be my father was application declined. This was a big surprise to me to a point that I had to suspend all the business I went to do in Ghana and purposed that the only deal I return with at home is to be fathered.
This man of God presented father son relationship to me in a way that I could not afford to spend another night without being fathered.
Even though eventually I had my request granted I still did not have a full Revelation of the Father Son relationship. As I write this to you there has been more Revelation in my relationship with him but it is still far from over. Every layer of Revelation that comes only deepens my relationship with him.
The Holy Spirit continues to Reveal another layer of our relationship.
So it is with my Relationship with the Body of Christ.
I get a new revelation everyday and all this revelation comes at the dining table. Each time the Word is served; whether by my father or my mentors I can only appreciate more and more.
Relationship Revealed will deepen your Resolve.

Peace be unto you

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