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Part 2 : 23 May 2014

Relationship Conference

Session 8


We shall recap for those who were not part of the Conference.

We have looked at the relationship of God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.

We explored the relationship of the GodHead and its characteristics.

We came with one main discovery: The Trinity is a relationship of God The Father and the Son connected together by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the matchmaker.

We are all One Body because we all share One Spirit.

The Father and the Son share One Spirit.

John 10:30 I and the Father are One.

This means I and the Father are connected by One Spirit.

We have also seen a very interesting part in this relationship.

This relationship operates from a principle which we called the “Let Us” Principle.

We noticed that the Let Us principle is the foundation of Fruitfulness.

Genesis chapter 1 has many hidden principles.

There are Two Principles in Genesis.

The First Principle we see is “Let There Be”

God appears in the form of Power and Dominion speaking over the Earth “Let There Be!!!”

This is the greatest Power in the Universe!

There was no opposition and every creation was obeying the “Let There Be!” Power.

This Power was manifested in Prophet Moses as well as Prophet Elijah.

These Prophets had the creation listening to them.

This is Power, Dominion and Subduing gift which was later in the chapter given to mankind.

They were given this amazing power for only one purpose:

To continue with the Creation where The Father left and rested from His works.

Angels were not given the right to create.

Though they had gifts of Power as well.

This Let There Be Power was reserved for Sons.

For only Sons are Authorized to take from where the Father left.

Angels were also given Power.

But the Power they had could not Create!

Satan has Power! But he cannot Create!

There is a difference between the Power of Servant and Power of Son.

The Power of Servant only operates at the instruction of the Son.

The Power of Angels only operate at the instruction of the Son.

Angels do nothing unless the Sons give instruction.

Poverty will not move at the instruction of Satan but it will move at the instruction of the Son.

If Satan wants Poverty to come to you he can only instruct Poverty to wait at your door until you tell poverty to enter in your house.

The Power of Goodness and Mercy will never move until instructed by the Son.

So all angels are waiting for the instruction of the Son whether Good or Bad!

When I speak of the Son here I mean you.

Therefore the Let There Be Power is only given to the Sons.

Let me repeat this: All Angels have Power and Great Power but can only move when we Command them.

When I say: “I am not gonna make it!” You have just given an instruction to a Demon of Delay to work in your space.

When you say: I think I am sick you have just activated the angel of sickness to move in your space.

Now the creation is waiting for the Sons of God to Manifest with the “Let There Be!” Power.

I want to repeat something: The Power or Sons is Fruitful but the Power of Angels is not fruitful.

The angels do not have the Power to Relate!!!!!

The angels do not have the Oneness Power!!!!

The angels do not have a Relationship substance inside them.

That is why they do not marry.

Now this is very critical!

It is possible for us to assume the angelic/servant power.

Before I go to the “Let Us!” Power I want to be sure that you understand the “Let There Be!” Power.

I have in this instalment shown you the Difference between the Power of the Son and the Power of the Servant.

I have shown you the Power of Man and the Power of an Angel.

Man as Son has been given the Authority to say “Let There Be!”

The Angels have the Power but only wait for Man to give Command. Whether this man is a witch or saint.

Man carries this amazing power.

We will therefore look in the next instalment what makes Power to be Fruitful.

At this moment you will agree with me that Africa is full of Power but we remain poor.

Africa is full of miracles and minerals but it is getting worse!

Though we have power; we have taken the angelic power. We only move with and instruction from the Son from The West!

The Son in England gives a Command and the Servant in Nigeria runs and shows the power.

The Son in America gives a Command and the Servant in Africa moves with Power.

The Son in France gives a Command and the Servant in Mali and Ivory Coast obeys with Power!

We will look in the next instalment how to make this Power Fruitful.


Peace be unto you

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