Holy Me vs Holy Nation Person

Relationships: Session 5 15 May 2014
Praise God. When you are about to multiply and become fruitful you prepare relationships.
When you are about to have dominion and subdue you first sort out relationships.
Before God told man to multiply and become fruitful He first sorted out relationship.
God is Love. God is Relationship.
If you are in His Image and Likeness it is in the area of Relationship.
The definition of Relationship is not unity but Oneness.
One Spirit.
One Lord.
One Baptism.
One Image
One Likeness.
Jesus the Son saw Himself in the Father.
The Father saw Himself in the Son.
The day you see yourself in the other then you are Relationship.
The day you see yourself in your husband you are Relationship.
The day you see yourself in your wife you are Relationship.
But you must first see yourself in your father.
To relate with the other is to see yourself in the other.
You need to rise to a point where you see yourself in everyone.
This is Love!
Satan wants you to see what is wrong with your sister.
You write a list of what is wrong with your husband.
There is nothing spiritual in that journey!
You are an Accuser’s agent and that does not make you Holy.
Jesus saw Himself even in a prostitute.
He was sent to the world to go see Himself in all of us!
Glory be to the Most High!
Who are you to see devil in others? Unless it is the devil in you seeing devil in others.
God in you desires to see Himself in others.
The devil in you is the only one who see the devil in others.
It takes a thief to catch a thief!
A group of adulterers came to Jesus to report a woman caught in the act of adultery!
Jesus said he who has no sin must be the first to throw the stone.
Jesus was looking at the Holy Woman of God waiting for her name to be called!
If you say your husband is a flirt the flirt is born!
If you say your wife is stubborn a stubborn woman is born!
Devil in us is waiting for his name to be called!
If you have a gift of calling out the devil in others you will meet the devil all the time.
If you say men are dogs the dogs will forever visit you because they are waiting for their names to be called.
Heavens is a place where the Father sees Himself in the Son!
Hell is the place where devil sees himself in another person.
I want you to see yourself in the one who is crucifying you today.
Jesus saw Himself (His Image) in those who crucified Him.
If you are One Body of Christ then you will see yourself in your sister for you are one body.
Now this is the Power behind the Trinity Godhead.
I and the Father are One I see Myself in My Father.
You are matured when you hear God in everyone.
Even a witch when she visit you God will speak!
Even a donkey when it visits you God will speak!
God I pray to see you in all people and hear You in all people.
Let those who are sent to curse me bless me.
Let every evil that my haters use against me turn into a wonderful miracle.
Let all things work together for good in me.
Let me say it is All in God.
I am One with my brother.
I see myself in everyone.
I see God in everyone.

Peace be unto you

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