The Purpose Of A Spiritual Father

February 27, 2021

Bible Passage: 1Thesalonians 2:11-12

The Purpose of a Spiritual Father


1Thesalonians 2:11-12


Spiritual Fathers lead you into Spiritual maturity


I write to you young men because you have overcome the evil one


Spiritual warfare is an adolescence activity, it goes with being young in the things of God


Everyone gets older but not everyone matures


You cannot mature without a Spiritual father


Spiritual Fathers release impartation into their sons


They impart something so that you may be established. They multiply you.


2Timothy 1:6 sir up the gift of God that is in you by the laying of my hands


We were willing not only impart to you the things of God but also our own lives because you were dear to us.


My ceiling is your floor you have to do more than I did


I long to see you that I may impart some Spiritual gift to you that you may be strengthened…that I may be encouraged


This is a two way stream Fathers get encouraged as well


They deposit who they are and they wake inside you who you are


The double portion is given for the purposes of extending the vlood line and family name (first born responsibility)


The double portion is a relational grace


The double portion is directly related to family matters


One of the main purposes of a Spiritual Father is to upgrade you and release impartation



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