This is a very interesting online gathering: SONSHIP CONFERENCE 2014 – INTRODUCTION. It was held in a whatsapp group and all this below has been edited from the whatsapp teachings. The most difficult challenge I have encountered in my teachings is simplicity. I have tried as much as God’s grace empowered me to be as basic and as simple as I could. The challenging part was to be simple to complicated leaders who have equally studied so much in the Bible. Sonship remains the most hidden key in the bible and we are yet to uncover more and more in this relational nature of the Holy Nation. Enjoy the lesson: SONSHIP CONFERENCE 2014 – INTRODUCTION


Welcome to the annual conference of NEW EARTH SONS ASSEMBLY
Let me pray before we lay down the conference rules
Lord we thank you for this good time In Christ.
Thank you for all the mansions that are gathered here
Thank you for the rain of good and sound doctrine.
Thank you Father for the rising of the sons of the Kingdom
Thank you for the revelation of sonship.
You are first in this conference
You are the Alpha and Omega of this conference
If we have succeeded with this conference it is when you are Glorified
When we see no one else but You
Let there be Light
Let the creation of sons begin
In the Name of Jesus
Welcome all to annual gathering of sons

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Simple rules
chatting in the conference
No unnecessary comments
I know you are excited
But we are already 50
This means that any unnecessary comment is adding to our data
Amens are welcome
But not too many
Comments are welcome
But do not see yourself more than others
We are in a sonship conference.
We are consolidating all what you have learnt about sonship
We are beginning from scratch
We are ensuring that you are not left behind
My name is Vanto Vanto
I welcome all Prophets and Pastors in here
I welcome all sons and friends.
All the Mentees and visitors.
We will have a few days of sonship feast
Are you ready?
I was in Ghana a few years ago
I had just finished 7 years of serving in the prophetic school.
I will request all the private inboxes to stop now they are overwhelming
I was in Ghana a few years ago
I had just finished 7 years of serving in the prophetic school.
I came there for business.
And this is where I met Apostle Ricci Hausley.
He was also on a business mission.
I knew later that he was an Apostle.
I was submitting under a Prophet in another country at the time.
I will not mention his name and I love him very much.
I received a few letters from Apostle Hausley.
Only two of them were enough for me to see that something was very wrong with my faith.
When he spoke about the bible I noticed that there are words I never saw from the bible.
Two words I never noticed and which I never cared so much about their significance were Father and Son.
I did not wait for him to send me more letters, I immediately sent a letter requesting him to help me.
He asked me who my father was, I told him and he said to me :Go ask him who his father is.
I went to ask the man of God and he said: I am in the order of Melchizedeck I have no father or mother.
Now this man was so anointed and i did not understand the role of annointing in the ministry.
He was the first man to pray for me that i fall under the anointing over the skype.
So I was trained to know that anointed people hear from God and whatever they say is right.
I went back and told apostle Hausley what the answer was.
After receiving the third letter I knew that there is something very wrong in the place where I am covered.
I then asked apostle Hausley to father me and my request was declined.
This was a very strange response and I thought he will be happy to have a son.
He told me that a child is born but a son is given.
He said I cannot be His son overnight
He also told me that I am somebody’s son
I knew that day If a father is not fathered then he cant take you where he has not traveled
If a family is not able to trace its generation to the seventh father upward then there is a lot of work that has to be done.
He said I need to ask him to release me so that we begin on a relationship that has no betrayal and curses.
My good apostle released me and I am thankful for that night.
But that was not a guarantee that Apostle Ricci will father me.
He said he will simply teach me about sonship and help me to meet my father.
But as he continued to teach me we both received the confirmation of the Holy Ghost that he is my dad.
As I was receiving the teachings a son was growing in me.
I only knew a son from a dictionary definition and as he continued teaching me i discovered that whatever i thought is a son is not a son.
The first thing when I came to him I told me that I am a prophet and an author.
I brought all the gifts I thought I have to give him my credentials.
He said to me; that is not me speaking but an orphan who wants acceptance.
I thought he is privileged to have a son who has walked the path I walked he told me that his son is not yet formed in me and whatever that i think I am must die.
He told me that sons do not need to perform for qualifying to be with their fathers
He said to me Jesus was only two seconds in ministry when Father God said this is My Son and I am pleased in him.
Therefore he told me I don’t need to do anything for him to be pleased.
I then stayed for one intensive year of study and after that I saw changes that I will share with you.
The first thing is that I stopped to desire to be famous.
I knew that the desire for fame is an orphan spirit.
Father God loves orphans but hates the orphan spirit.
Even that term was a new term to me after it was explained
Dad told me not to seek attention because that is orphan spirit.
I will explain to you what is an orphan later.
The second thing that I was healed from is the desire for the pulpit.
I stopped chasing for invitations. In fact i did not want any invitation anymore.
After I met dad he was enough in me as dad i did not become hungry for 1000 members who will make me feel accepted in the Kingdom.
Though dad taught me a lot of things but the biggest thing he gave me was love.
I have received more love than any revelation.
He loved me like there was no other son but me.
Dad has 80 sons but the orphan spirit told me he loves me more than any son.
After meeting dad I was healed from the spirit of competition.
I did not feel pressure when i see another man of God who performs greater miracles.
In fact I knew that If I have properly fathered my sons must perform greater miracles than me.
And when they perform greater miracles that does not make them to be bigger.
He told me that it is not a gift that is fathered but it is character.
As I came closer I noticed that people with a greater grace also need a father because their character was even much more vulnerable.
Dad told me that no one is too old to be fathered.
Before I met dad I did not know that all men of God in the bible were fathered.
Orphan spirit is always looking for a hero and not a father.
I had many heroes and I bought all their books and I wanted to be like them.
Dad told me that the time of mimicking my favorite preachers is over.
Little did I know that I had so many layers of orphan spirit in me.
Dad was peeling all these layers like the onion layers.
And as he was peeling them it was painful.
Dad told me that fathers only carry a knife with them when they meet their sons.
The first introduction a son has from his father is a knife for circumcision.
Members do not want a knife but sons are shaped with a knife.
Therefore dad was shaping me with a knife since I met him.
Isaac knows the knife of Abraham. Jacob knows the knife of Isaac.
Ok let us stop here for a while.

Well this was the teaching of the first session of the gathering titled: SONSHIP CONFERENCE 2014 – INTRODUCTION. I want to encourage you to share the lesson above which was poured in that conference. The writings have been purposely left in their raw state reflecting the atmosphere of those who were present at that online conference. Let this however remain in your mind that these are the writings of a Scribe who has been assigned to build The Holy Nation through Sonship. That was SONSHIP CONFERENCE 2014 – INTRODUCTION


  1. Evangelist james akanu

    I am glad that apostle ricci is your father too. Knowing has changed my life and eyes opened after reading his teaching he gave to me about the spirit of orphan

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