Today I would like to speak about Joseph and his role as the father of Jesus.
Joseph was the spiritual father of Jesus.
As we know that the natural seed was conceived from the Holy Spirit and not from Joseph.
A spiritual father is not a father of the spirit.
God is the Father of our spirits and that does not make Him spiritual father.
God is Spirit and not spiritual.
To be spiritual is to allow the soul to follow the laws of the spirit.
Therefore a spiritual father is someone who is watching over the soul according to the book of Hebrews 13:17 Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account.
Joseph was watching over the soul of Jesus.

This means Jesus had to obey Joseph as the Hebrew tradition until He was 30.
Joseph was a very principled father; if he was not Jesus would have started the ministry at 12.
Every Hebrew boy is required to attend a sonship school which lasts for 18 years.
They begin at 12 until they are 30.
During this period they are taken by their fathers to their mentors in the house to teach them the father’s business.
There are very important words that are uttered to the son when he begins the training at 12 and when he finishes the training at 30.
At 12 he is taught to know that: I am about my father’s business.
It is a very important step for every Jewish son.
I want to remind you that Jesus uttered these words and the bible made sure that they are recorded.
But in the record of these words Jesus as a boy is prophesying about the Heavenly Father’s business.
But His father’s business was Capentry and He had to go and submit under that training for 18 years.
At the end of the training a Jewish father retires and give over the business to the son.
And there are words which are uttered at the end of training.
The father takes the son around all the suppliers in the industry.
He introduces his son by saying: This is my son in whom my soul is well pleased; hear him.
Which means that I and my son are one whatever you say to him in business you have said it to me.
Whatever you have signed as a contract with my son you have signed with him.
When you see my son in a business meeting you have seen me.
If my son sets one slave free from employment he will be free indeed; his signature is my signature.
The food of my son will be to do my will in this business.
The qualification he gets after the training is called Son of Man.
Bachelor of Science in Sonship.
Bachelor of Arts in Sonship.
Pr Engineer in Forestry from Sonship school
Indeed when Jesus finished his training Father spoke and not Joseph but the Father in Heaven.
Jesus was not going to pursue Capenter’s business as Son of Man but another qualification was added which is called Son of God.
One day in the book of John 5 Jesus explains this confusion.
I will paraphrase it and say: “I have been trusted to become Son of God because I successfully finished my course as Son of Man.
So therefore when Jesus said “I and the Father are One” in John 10:30 he was talking about His role in the Kingdom business.
This was not something new. As Son of Man He would have said the same in the Boardroom when talking about the family Wood Business.
To those suppliers in the industry He would have told them that He and Joseph are one.
Joseph is the most powerful spiritual father ever.
He played that role for 18 years or else Jesus would not qualify to stand in front of Jewish men without finishing that sonship course.
The statements that Jesus uttered about His relationship with Father God as Son of God are statements He used to utter about His relationship with Joseph as Son of Man.
The greatest part of Joseph as spiritual father is his willingness to diminish in the history of the Bible and allow Father God to be glorified.
We as spiritual fathers are therefore tasked to raise God’s sons as our sons.
The truth is that they are primarily God’s sons.
But Hebrews 13:17 says in the last day as fathers we will account on how we have raised His sons as our sons.
This is therefore taking me to the next installment concerning the requirements of a spiritual father.
This was a brief explanation of a relationship between Jesus and His spiritual father called Joseph.


  1. Zizonke Zama Skenjana

    Amen Dad,I like the part that says “To be spiritual is to follow the laws of the spirit”


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