Good morning. Today we will be continuing with session 5.
Dad has joined us in our FB conference site and I look forward to have the contribution he promised soon.
We have finished four sessions which I hope all 50 participants have thoroughly read them.
This morning I wanted to dedicate this session to fathering vs mentoring.
I will however deal with a question from one of the sons yesterday that help us continue to define what spiritual father is to us.
Hi dad, what does this verse mean: Mat 23:9, ‘Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven… Thank you dad…
This is the question we received yesterday and I want to dedicate this session in answering the question.
We will first read the whole instruction and then we will answer it.
When you look at the second verse in this chapter you will notice that this message was bringing correction to “the scribes and Pharisees” and it say they “sit in Moses’ seat”
Already you notice that they have assumed a very high seat and it came with privileges.
Verse 3 says they instruct people to observe certain laws while they themselves do not act out those laws.
Verse 4 says they put heavy burdens on other people’s shoulders while they do not move a finger to carry them as well.
Verse 5 and six says they have secured for themselves very special privileges in these position as a result they are respected everywhere.
Within these privileges they were addressed as Teacher, we see that in verse 7.
They were also addressed as father and we see that in verse 9.
They were also called master and we see that in verse 10.
1. Teacher
2. Father
3. Master
Now for those who understand the formation of the Twelve Tribes of Israel you will understand that these were the highest titles of the tribes.
( I sense a rise of some religious spirit, I request you to prayerful concentrate and really listen and take notes; this is not a preaching. This is a very important teaching.)
(I have laid the rules of this conference and I will not keep repeating them; I ask all mentors to brief their mentees once more)
(When the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of Knowledge is around we need to allow Him to unfold I am also listening as He teaches)
Now let us remember that this community had families and they did call their fathers in the household father.
They also have servants who were employed and did call their employers master.
This community also had teachers in various skills and did call them teacher.
But in this case the Father Teacher and Master title that these Pharisees and Scribes demanded from this community was way beyond the one addressed in their households.
Therefore none would return home after this teaching only to tell his dad that “Jesus said I must not call you father.”
The word father in both Greek and Hebrew has several meanings.
They also had fathers of the group of families called Patriarch.
Therefore they were not going to return to him and say “we are told not to call you Patriarch anymore.
Therefore from the context of this story you begin to understand the correction.
MAT23.9  And call no man your father on the earth: for one is your Father, even he who is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your master, even the Christ.

1CO4.15   For though ye have ten thousand tutors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I begat you through the gospel.

Is there a dispute in these two instructions?
Jesus says do not call anyone father and Paul says I am your father!
Well Paul explains the type of father he is; he says he has begotten them.
Our Heavenly Father is the Originator and Source and that is also another meaning of father.
Jesus was not playing with words there but HE WAS ADDRESSING THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE WORD!
People can say the same word but with a different spirit behind that word.
Now the spiritual fathers who are in the will of God understand this.
There are people who will call you “father” and you know that it is just a religious empty title.
But when your son says to you “father” the sonship spirit behind brings to you a different meaning.
There is a time that someone will also come and address you as “father” and you feel that this one is “worshiping” you.
Now this last kind is the kind that had already arisen in this community.
When somebody prays and begin saying “Father!” And then come after prayer and say to his dad at home “father”; the dad knows the difference.
Jesus called Joseph “father” as Son of Man and called God “Father” as Son of God.
This is what every well raised Hebrew son would naturally do.
And Joseph did not have problems with that.
I must however end this session by saying there is a rise already of those who see their leaders as demi  gods and have already began to call them Father as unto God.
This is left with every proper household to discern the spirit behind the one who addresses you as father.
Joseph knew his place as spiritual father and was not confused when Jesus addressed him as father.
Like all spiritual fathers he knew that he is raising Jesus for the Heavenly Father who is the Father of all.
He as Joseph had to become Father representative in the 30 years of Jesus’ life.
I am not teaching this as the ultimate authority.
I am also somebody’s son.
I am therefore laying down this teaching to you in his presence.
I am also willing to learn more.
Remember we always see in part and in every season another part becomes revealed.
Thank you for your time.

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