I invite all the participants of the conference to take from what Dad Apostle Ricci Hausley Sr said in response to yesterday’s session:

Dear Son, you made a great observation and a good comparison.  I have had several people calling themselves disputing the revelation of spiritual fathering by using these verses (And might I add use them totally out of context) to state that Jesus was condemning calling another human by the title father.  If that is the conclusion they arrived at when reading those verses, it is clear they know absolutely NOTHING about the word of God.  Son a good course in biblical hermeneutics would settle this dispute and ignorance right away.
  You used the correct approach by taking the entire thought, and the CONTEXT of the story by reading it in its entirety to see exactly what Jesus was saying and to whom was he addressing these statements.  In short Jesus was rebuking the religious Pharisees for ‘lord over the peoples faith with titles’ that had no substances or reason for honor behind them.  Honor is earned and not just given because you carry a title.  Jesus goes into this long discourse about how the Pharisees love to do things for the outward show, and pretense.  Jesus made it clear in one place that the Son of Man did not come to BE SERVED, BUT TO SERVE and to give his life as a ransom.  In sharp contrast the religious Pharisee hypocrites would not lift a finger to model and demonstrate by service what they taught by precept. 

The titles you mention have plenty of verses in their context in scripture to support entirely the biblical teaching concerning fathering.  So when I hear someone attempt to use this as a dispute, I know up front that they are ignorant, and they do not have a clue or know the WHOLE OF SCRIPTURE, and their entire motivation is they love disputing and arguing not learning.  When I get a person like this on a teleconferencing line, I tell them right away you dialed in to the wrong phone line for this is a place of learning not arguing and disputing.  I then rebuke them and tell them if they did not like or agree with what is being taught,  they should  get off the line and start something of their own.  The beauty of administrating a forum like this is you have administrative rights to cut them off, for they have no interest in learning, ONLY disputing.  This is not to say you cannot question a teaching for we  are always to do that with a desire to learn the truth, grow and  get to the bottom of a truth for the best of us only see glimpses of the word of God.  But all modern day Pharisees need not apply. 

I have shared on this chapter n St. Matthew 10 many a time and this is with people eager to really learn.  So I advise to always teach exactly what the context shares and then give your insight into a specific scripture as the first line of defense.  Lastly, I have also seen the spirit of witchcraft operate with this grace of fathering.  We are to NEVER tell grown people what they are to do, for even God uses terms like commandments, understanding that people have choices.  Some people use manipulation, domination and control calling themselves fathering others.  That is not fathering, that is witchcraft.  Scripture teaches us to take dominion over fish, fowl, birds, and creeping things, but Never each other.  We are to submit to each other but NEVER to dominate, control and manipulate each other.  I have seen the other side of this grace and that is people with personality character flaws and control issues use this to control people. 

Now the problem is in the kingdom the word GOVERNMENT = to control.  The difference is the very observation you made as you shared about the spirit behind the personal and the motive behind the person from either end determines what is at work.  I have seen just as equally people use very biblical things to dominate, manipulate and control people.  God does not work that way, and when we have young ones looking to us for guidance and love and care, all of us MUST be extra careful we do not move over into these areas.  while the bible is very clear about the principal of honor of all parents, we DO NOT worship people, it is against the word of God.  Thou shall not have no other God before me, that includes demi-gods.  He said he is a jealous God and he would visit the sins of the parents to the fourth generation  if we slip over into these errors.  Son keep pushing the plow of the Gospel of the Kingdom for the work of God is expanding upon every installment given. 

Relationally yours,


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