Sonship Conference 2015- Last Session - Summing up

This conference has dealt with the Lordship of Jesus that is hidden in His Sonship.
We have dealt at length on the sonship of Jesus to His Heavenly Father and just a bit about His Sonship to his earthly father.

Towards the end of this conference we have shown that the Sonship of Jesus is the Wisdom of God. All angels and principalities have been exposed to the Lordship of Jesus.

The Sonship of The Lord is the greatest of all mysteries.
How can The Lord be the Son?
Jesus says to the Pharisees who is greater between the Son of David and David? For David calls his son “my Lord”
About this Son David says “And the Lord said to my Lord: Sit on my right hand side Until all your enemies are under your feet.

Who is The Lord and who is The Son?
Why did The Lord choose to put aside His equality to The Lord His Father and choose to wear the garment of Son?

Many ministers of the Gospel want us to know their lordship and not their sonship.
Many churches in the Body of Christ are competing on the lordship and not sonship.

To put emphasis on the numbers of your church is to display the lordship of your church.
To put emphasis n the size of your building is to display the lordship of your church.
To put emphasis on how many miracles your church has over others is to display the lordship of your church.
To put emphasis on the cars and houses and business and employment positions your church members have is to display the lordship of your church members.

People are ready to join a church that can crown them lord quicker than any other church. Lordship s the main attraction that we use to market our churches.
Why did Jesus stay away from name dropping concerning God and the angels and chose sonship?

Why did He instead choose to cover His ministry with the wall and roof of sonship?
He could have called Himself “The Lord of Heavens!” But chose to call Himself Son of Man. What are we learning for this character as ministers and ministries.

What did we learn from this character as politicians and business people. What do we learn as students and mentees?

I would like to leave you with these questions until we meet in the next conference in October.
I have given you sufficient to ponder over unless the Lord instructs me to continue. Thank you for attending the conference.


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