The Son's Prayer - Part 2

We are doing our second part of the Son’s Prayer and we are in our sixth session in our Sonship Conference. Jesus did not call this Lord’s Prayer we did.
The more I look at it He was showing the Son’s Prayer to Our Father. If it was the Lord’s Prayer it should read Our Master.

When you look the entire Matthew 6 it shows the difference between the life of The Son and the life of a servant. The life of a servant is Need Based.
The relationships of a servant are Need Based.
The commitment of a servant to an organization is Need Based. If you want a servant to stop being servant MEET ALL THE NEEDS. This is a Babylon Philosophy and Culture which is Need Based.

The Son’s Prayer is removing us out of this prayer and culture.
When you come to God from this direction it is easy for the devil to make you prayer less. The devil knows that you are prayerful because you have needs. When all your needs are met you will stop praying and leave God. When you have all the money you need you resign from your servant relationship.

Some of us have 80 percent of their prayers as Needs and material needs for that matter.
To be son means that all your needs are met because all that the Father has is yours.
Therefore when you speak to the Father you take the discussion up to Family Matters.

Churches are not full because of the need for Eternal Life; they are full because people are looking for Cars and Houses and Food.
People are not looking for Love ; Life ; Forgiveness; Glory; Grace they don’t even know what those things mean save the preacher’s explanation – They just need food. That is why Africa relates better with the Red Cross than the Cross of Calvary. The greatest temptation in the life of a servant is to have all needs met. The best position for a servant is to keep on having needs.

The “Lord’s Prayer” as we call it would not fill the Mega Churches in Africa today. I say this because human nature as it is not looking for the Kingdom to come. Human nature is not looking for His Will do be done.
Human nature is not looking for forgiveness.
Human nature is not looking for avoiding temptation.
All the things mentioned here are not in the list of hungry people.

The “Lord’s Prayer” as it is today would not make it for a Tent Revival or a “Miracle Service”. Forgiveness is not a miracle to us.
The Kingdom’s presence is not a miracle to us.
Overcoming temptations is not a miracle to us.
Seeing Obedience or God’s Will being done is not considered a miracle to us. To us a miracle is a new car a new house and new clothes.
This is our level of discussion with Our Master in Heaven.
Sonship Culture is summed up in. The Lord’s Prayer. This is what I call the Son’s Prayer.

People don’t like to be in a church that is full of forgiving people. People do not want to be in a church where His Will is Done.
If you want your church to be empty put to practice His Will Be Done and you will remain alone. The magic word today to churches is “Grace” that covers all sins. They do not need to face the “Grace” that overcomes and addresses all sins.

Let me stop here and give ourselves a time of reflection.
This is The Son’s Prayer. We shall continue with it in the next installment. 

Peace be unto you

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