Having met my spiritual father Apostle Hausley.
He made me put all my credentials at his feet.
When a son meets the father he must be naked before the father.
When you have covered yourself with credentials and giftings there is nowhere to cut.
I had to drop even all ambitions and begin to hear from the father.

I had to empty myself of all my experience of many years as well as my “vision”.
He said to me “drop everything here at my feet, all that is yours by the Holy Ghost will return to you and all that is not yours must burn here”.
When you come into prison, you are told at the entrance of the cell to remove all your clothes.
You are given new clothes and new rules.
You come naked like the day of your birth.
This is how you come to your father.
You come naked and he will be the one who will clothe you with the family clothes.
The father will feed you with the Word and clothe you with the Word.
Fathers don’t just feed you with any form of food and don’t just give you any form of clothing.
As apostolic fathers they will feed you with Apostles Doctrine and will clothe you with Apostles Doctrine.
You let go of all the street kid clothes and food.
It is not an orphanage or a soup kitchen.
Its a house with the culture and law of that house.
I had to drop down my doctrine and my preferred sugar coated verses and take the food of the house.
My dad was not the motivational speaker but a father to me.
He was not there to beg me to stay; in fact he was anointed to chase the orphan out of me.
He passed on to me the law of the house that was passed on him by his father.
This is the law: I and the Father are One.
This means that I will envision his dream.
Old men dream dreams and young man see visions.
This mean I must learn to see the vision of his dream.
Abraham; Isaac and Jacob dreamt the same dream.
God visited them in different times but spoke the same story.
This is what we call a Dream Genealogy.
You can’t have an orphan’s dream which needs to be a patent and have its own royalty.
Your dream comes from the family.
No matter how unique it becomes at the fine print but its foundation is meant to be building the family
This means you are about your father’s business.
We will speak about the expectations of a true father in the next installment.
Here we speak about the making of a son.
Given the manipulative backgrounds which we come from I was also treading carefully.
For there are many whom when we thought they are fathers to us they became slave drivers.
But now I am talking about the wonders of the Holy Ghost when He finds you a father.
I am not talking about the father you picked on the shelf like I did in the past.
Many people say the first assignment of the Holy Ghost is to make you to speak in tongues.
But I say the first miracle of the Holy Ghost is to find you a Father.
Well though it was not the first because of my ignorance; but He did find me a father.
My father is a man I never stop talking about.
Jesus did not need to be paid to speak about His Father.

As son the name of your father is always in your lips.
I mean a true father.
My dad is the first destiny gift I got from above.
He was ordained to give me the love that fills my heart.
Many of the people around will give you the love that leaves many places empty.
Your father (even in the natural) is the cornerstone of all your relationships.
Our relationships with everyone around us reflect how we related with our natural fathers.
Their presence and absence in our lives are reflected in how we relate with our spouses our friends and work colleagues.
When our relationship with our father fails we fail in all our relationships.
That is why today we are under fathered and overly mothered.
We are a product of fatherless communities.
In fact the GDP of any country is equivalent with the relationship of fathers and their children in that country.
No wonder Africa is failing to rise it reflects how our dads relate to us.
This is of course the plan of satan.
When he wants you to lose your destiny he removes a father around your life.
The reason why you give your spouse trouble is reflection of the absent father love in your life.

The reason why you are a bully at school is reflrction of absence of father love.

The reason why you are not able to keep relationships is the reflection of the absence of father love.
That is why Christians have many church splits; they don’t have fathers in church they have businessmen.
As a result Christians are most terrible in keeping relationships.
They can sing and dance together but they can’t keep relationship.
When a new prophet is in town they leave their church to the new church.
One miracle is enough for them to betray their pastor.

Just like a junkie; one snuff of the drug is sufficient for him to leave home.
That is the plan of satan to make christians even more fatherless than any religion.
This is the reason we are fatherless it is the attack of the devil.
I will stop here in this second installment.

We will continue with this in the next installment.
How are the foundations of your sonship?


  1. mmhmm May God raise true sons and true fathers so that our nations may be redeemed from the orphan spirit. If strong relations can be present between true fathers and true sons the kingdoms of this world would surely be the kingdoms of our Lord.Amen dad

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