Sort your father issues

Relationships:Session 7
16 May 2014
Amen it is still early in the year.
We laugh and smile together and that is wonderful.
We thank God for these developments.
But for those who are my age know the truth beyond this.
I don’t want to fool you relationships are the biggest spiritual challenge I have ever met.
They are also the biggest area of pretence you will ever see in the world.
We have lied about relationships more than any lie we have ever spoken.
We have lied to relationships more than our work places or churches.
Its a very sensitive ground and a very fertile ground.
Satan knows this and that is why he spends more time in a relationship than in church.
Relationships are fertile for any form of multiplication.
They are the place where more crimes are committed than in any other place.
We rejoice at their beginning but relationships have killed more people than any war that we have seen in this world.
Crimes of passion are the worst of the crimes this world has ever seen.
Relationships have caused more patients in hospitals than any other sickness known to man.
Most patients in psychiatric hospitals are there because of a relationship.
It is not much of what people have done to us in these relationships but it is how we understood a relationship.
It is what we expected from a relationship.
As a result people who wanted to be close to God always thought staying away from people is the holiest concept.
We have more scars today in our souls from relationships than from any other activity.
Sonship has come to restore these broken souls.
We have come here to heal from these wounds.
Getting a new relationship will never heal us from past hurts of relationships.
Getting your father relationship will be the first step of alignment in your life of relationship.
While I rejoice with you get ready to receive baggage as much as you give baggage into a relationship.
You need a big heart in a relationship and not a big head.
You need to read more of the bible than you watch soapies.
You need to hear more of your father’s voice than you hear from your friend.
Your relationship with your friend will never make your relationship at home better. Your relationship with your true spiritual father will make that relationship better.
Let’s not lie to one another we are on social media today because we need some love.
This is the biggest need in the heart of mankind.
The more you get “like” in your facebook page the more you think you will feel better.
No matter how many “likes” you get from your facebook page they aint going to father you.
Some people are already planning to change the “likes” into the “loves”.
Nothing will get better!
Sort out your father issues and get healed.
Don’t say: ” Hey six are gone and I have remained behind! That is Orphan Spirit talking there!
Wake up and align yourself with your father.
Since I started sonship I have been dealing with daughters who want to jump into the relationship pot while in the same hour I am counseling one who wants to jump out of the same pot!
I have probably worked on this part than any part in fathering!
Can you imagine how stretched my mind is in this subject?
This side I am planning with my son : “How are you going in this pot son?”
The other side I am planning with my daughter: ” So how do you suggest that you will jump off this pot baby girl?”
Enough scizzophrenia!!!!
Help me with the spelling even that word seems schizophrenic ok that looks like the right spelling.
Let’s do the sonship do ok? Let’s stick to the father son relationship.
This is where love will pour in us so that we pour to the world.

Peace be unto you

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