Soul and Relationships

25 JULY 2014

This relational story is building up in my spirit. Our soul has been left with the sole responsibility to manage relationships. Therefore the so Christianity ul relates from its personality and exposure. The soul relates from its extent of understanding as well as culture. The soul relates from its expectations as well as its understanding of destiny. When a person is poor, this condition will affect his relationships whether spiritual or socially. Whether the person is saved or a non believer. Whether a person is in or any other religion. The reason why the soul must be saved is because it has the ultimate decisions when it comes to relationships. The reason why the soul must be transformed is because of this area of responsibility. Poor people prefer to relate with other poor people in heart matters where they understand each other concerning their situation. The same person relates with the well off person purely to get the resources he has. This relationship is at best a contractual or business relationship. Now this relationship is NEED BASED. This person relates with God in the hopes that his needs shall be met. This becomes a contractual relationship just like the relationship he has with God. When this poor person attends a night prayer and many prayer meetings it is not because he or she misses God; its because of the hopes to move away from poverty. When this person become very ‘spiritual’ it is not based on relationship with God but it is based on the relationship with poverty. Now this person is readily available to relate with Master God than Father God based on the type of need he or she has.

there are many ‘spiritual’ people who have come to relate with Jehovah the Provider and not the Father because of poverty. They say “before we discuss Father identity let us first focus on Provider identity” then Father relationship will follow. Today when you teach about Father you do not make sense to many of these people because they have come to Healer and to Provider. Now it is difficult to switch relationships when they have started this way. GOD WANTS TO BE FATHER FIRST THAN TO BE HEALER! That is why He sent His Son and not a Healer. That is why He sent His Son First and not Saviour First. He did that with Moses and that was good for slaves but the goal was for them to be told that they are sons. It is very difficult to switch relationships from employee and employer to son and father. Your father will not sleep a single night without revealing that he is your father and not your employer. How do you feel when your former employer is now your wife or husband? It takes some adjustment! How much more when your former employer is your Father? I am trying to show the extent of damages that the soul has in its journey of relationships. There are those who pray longer than others because of their need. There are those who fast longer than others because of their need. When you discover that you are son all these efforts come to an end. You instead fast longer in order to study your identity in this family. Daniel fasted longer because of the identity of his nation before God. Paul did not fast to be released in prison. Jesus did not fast for fourty days so that He will be given Power. I know people who fast for many days because they want Power and not the Giver of Power! We sometimes think that we are smart and come with ‘spiritual needs’ story in order to bribe God.

They need more Power so that their churches will be full, not because they love God so much! I have seen people who relate with spiritual gifts and not with the Giver. Even when you relate with the Giver that does not make you better, IF YOU DONT RELATE WITH HIM AS FATHER! We complain that people are users or even abusers when they come to relate with us because of what we have. Yet we use this way in relating to our Father and even much more. What would you do if you were told to go and bring a son to his father? Would you say: I have found a man who can give you the job? Would you say to him or her, I have finally found a person who will heal you? Would you say to him or her, I have found a person who will solve all your problems? Is that not the language which is used in the orphanage when children have better prospects to be adopted? So if you as an earthly father will not want to be introduced this way to your son, what gives you they idea that your evangelistic strategy is helping the Father God to find His sons? We shall continue about this story in the next instalment. 

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