The battle of Religious fanatics

All religious fanatics are the same. I am Christian and I fear Christian fanatics just as I fear those of any religion.

The first thing they do is to warn you about religious fanatics of other religions. As they do this they spread hatred and develop a good excuse for what they plan to do.

All religious fanatics have no respect for life. They are lovable as long as they talk about other people. The true colors show up when they kill their own.

As a Christian growing in South Africa I have a first hand experience of what religious fanaticism can do to its own. We became victims from our own Christian Brothers and we had a very painful lesson from both sides.

As a Christian growing in Africa I continue to see Christian brothers looting our minerals for decades now. Through Christian African diaspora brothers I have seen how their fellow brothers treated them as slaves.

The most dangerous thing is that they did this with passion and quoting the scriptures that give them the right to do so.
The second common things about religious fanatics is to do inhumane things to their brothers justifying them with scripture.

Now the next level is for them to show us the evil of other fanatics in other religions. But we have not forgotten the evil they did to us. They want to continue feeding their fanaticism and they now want us to join them.

Well I chose to face my own brothers of my religion. Why don’t you do the same and face yours in your religion?

We close this year in the highest battle of religious fanatics and we are all drawn to it. As we go to 2015 may we humbly learn that God is not bribed by any form of fanaticism. We need to remember that His Name is Love and His other Name is Father. This means there is nothing pleasing to Him when you hate His own children and killing them. All He requires of you is to obey His Commandments.

Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. Zizonke Zama Skenjana

    Amen Dad. God loves us all and desires that we may all come to the knowledge of His name and Glory. He’s god good plans for us all. Ain’t no reason for killing!!!

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